Literature Assessment of Changes in Management Studies Essay

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¶ … human resources was to use various search engine and scholarly databases online and to type in keywords like "human resources trends," "current trends in human resources," and "recent advancements human resources management," plus "management trends." I searched for more recent articles in every case so as to have the latest literature on this subject, which is evident in the works selected for review.

Jacqui, L., Cairncross, G., Lamont, M. (2014). Inducting and training Generation Y

volunteers: a sport event case study. Proceedings of the CAUTHE 2014: Tourism and hospitality in the contemporary world: trends, changes and complexity. Brisbane: University of Queensland: 363-374.

The purpose of this works is to show why it is necessary to understand what is important and valued to the next generation of workers who are raised within a culture that has taught them motivational cues. The study highlights that certain communities want to be valued for what they give to their organizations and that demonstrating strong EI on the part of management can lead to better commitment and employee retention within the organization. The audience is anyone in management positions. It is unique because it focuses on why developing EI depends upon understanding the motivational cues that the young generation's community has instilled in it. Its strengths are in assessing cultural cues and it had no weaknesses or apparent bias.

Larcker, D., Tayan, B. (2015). How important is culture? An inside look at Keller

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Williams Realty. Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University Closer Look Series: Topics, Issues and Controversies in Corporate Governance No. CGRP-48. Social Science Research Network.

Essay on Literature Assessment of Changes in Management Studies Assignment

The purpose of this article is to examine the critical aspect of workplace culture within the environment of Keller Williams Realty and show that by incorporating a system of virtue ethics in line with servant leadership principles, the program to incentive its agents through profit-shares and highly-touted educational programs like Ignite and BOLD, KW has risen to the top of its class in terms of acquiring agents and developing training programs. The audience is anyone interested in building a solid workplace culture. It is relevant because it addresses a current trend in organizational culture. Its strength is in assessing that KW has more agents for the reason of its strong culture than any brokerage in North America.

Liden, R., Wayne, S., Liao, C., Meuser, J. (2014). Servant leadership and serving culture: Influence on individual and unit performance. Academy of Management Journal, 57(5): 1434-1452.

This work's purpose is to discuss the aspects of servant leadership that are essential in providing this style and approach. It is relevant because it is a leadership style that can gel with human resources which is devoted to serving. Its strengths are that it emphasizes the need to conceptualize and to assess the needs of others and to put them ahead of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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