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Local Land Use Little Rock

This report is on the local land development process for the city of Little Rock, Arkansas, a city that is also the Capital City for the State of Arkansas. The city is found in Pulaski County. The city has fourteen different departments and more than 2,500 employees, including in the police and fire departments (City of Little Rock, 2005).


Little Rock, Arkansas

Mayor-City Council form of government

Land Use Proposals and Plans

Development in the Little Rock regio is much affectied by zoning considerations, as discussed below. Development under the heading of Planned Zoning Development is a process for owners/developers to use when it is desirable to present a unified site plan for city reviews. There are four Planned Unit Development districts used in this process for multi-use developments. These are as follows:

PRD" Planned Residential

This district is used when residential uses are proposed in a development of mixed uses permitted.

POD" Planned Office

This district is used when office development is the intended principal use. Some commercial and residential is permitted when made a part of the review process.

PCD" Planned Commercial

This district is used when commercial mixed use development is proposed. A mix of residential, office and commercial is permitted.

PID" Planned Industrial

This district is used when warehousing, manufacturing or similar uses are proposed in a mix of uses.

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Planned Development

This is a process using the same submittal and review procedures as a "PUD" except that this process permits development of single use projects exclusively in one of several districts (Zoning Definitions, 2007).

Documents are to be filed with the Little Rock Planning Commission. The Commission then holds hearings as needed. The Planning and Development Department has three divisions: Building Codes, Zoning & Subdivision, and Planning (Planning and Development, 2005). The planning process is described by the city as follows:

Term Paper on Local Land Development Assignment

The Planning Division provides mid and long-range planning as well as technical support to the city. The Division prepares neighborhood plans and reviews/drafts amendments to the existing plans. This includes reviewing and development of staff reports for Land Use amendments, Master Street Plan amendments, and review of zoning changes requested by various groups. The staff of the Planning Division responds to requests for statistics, graphics and GIS products (Planning, 2005).

The City Land Use Plan and Map provides the proposed pattern for future land use and serves as a guide for making zoning decisions if there is a request for reclassification.

Environmental Concerns

The state as a whole has certain environmental issues and policies to address those issues. The state's population density is 45 people per square mile, and the overall risk to ecosystems is considered moderate. Population density has increased 4% since 1982, and the amount of developed land increased 8% between 1982 and 1992. The tall grass prairie in the Grand Prairie area of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain is virtually gone given then only 500 acres remain, and some 72% of the state's wetlands have been lost since 1780. The state currently has 25 federally listed threatened and endangered species. The state has several private land conservation programs so that private landowners… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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