Logical Investigation Into and Study Essay

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As a researcher, I believe that it is important to employ mixed research methods instead of a single research method. In mixed research techniques, researchers combine various research methods, qualitative and quantitative research methods. As a result, a researcher produces an integration of experiential and statistical data. This approach offers the advantages of different research methods while at the same time compensating for limitations of different research methods. The basic principle of mixed research is that it allows researchers to strategically and thoughtfully combine or mix quantitative and qualitative research methods, procedures, concepts, approaches and other paradigm qualities in a manner that offers a general design with no overlapping weaknesses and complementary strengths (Jonson & Christensen, 2011) . Multiple theories, research methods and perspectives are crucial in social research. According to Jonson & Christensen (2011), when a researcher selects mixed research method, he/she should consider the basic principle of mixed methods, approaches and epistemologies in a manner that the resulting mixture holds non-overlapping weaknesses and complimentary strength. The concept of complimentary strength implies that the whole is greater compared to sum of parts. The mixed method enhances research quality given that diverse research perspectives hold different weaknesses and strengths. Through combining two or more research strategies with different weaknesses and strengths, one is less likely to make a blunder or miss something crucial.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Logical Investigation Into and Study Assignment

However, a researcher should choose a suitable research method based on consideration of the research questions, research objectives, data availability, cost and time constraints and available the study sample. Using mixed method sometimes is changeling because when using mixed methods, the published research literature should comprise of articles founded on divergent methods and perspectives given the diversity of researchers working in different fields. I have learnt that social research includes three major research methods, which include quantitative research, qualitative research and mixed research methods. However, the nature and objective of a given research project determines the choice of research methods while the success of a research is determined through application of a feasible research process.

Following determination of the right method, the researcher collects data, analyze it and construct conclusion from the study. I believe that the scholarship discovery is best comprehended as a process and not an outcome. This is because in making conclusions from a research study entails a levelheaded and wide-ranging process (Locke, Silverman & Spirduso, 2009). A coherent conclusion is attainable following an understanding of the experiences and events of the entire research process. A conclusion is a human product as opposed to an output of a mechanical operation, with an example of data analysis. For instance, a computer can put together results, but only an investigator can reach or make a conclusion. Rubin & Babbie (2010) claim that researchers should consider the basis of any conclusion made to avoid accepting unwarranted conclusions. Occasions of writing conclusions, the findings from assessment of the collected data are a predominant foundation of proof. However, the findings are not the limited resource that the researcher has, but the whole inquiry process, which commences from generation of the research question through the final steps of data assessment. The products of an inquiry include human comprehensions, which are explicit to place, time, procedures and activities, result display and the perspective of the world.


To become a successful researcher one requires following keenly the research process. A successful researcher does not just carry out a research, but rather conducts a research and offer practical conclusions from his/her study. The research process is guided by selected research topic and basic information about the topic. However, challenges are experienced when evaluating pertinence of materials and formulating a practical conclusion from the research findings. The researchers must purge irrelevant data and identify the pertinence of the data. This entails understanding the authority of the data, accuracy of the information, objectivity of the selected data, currency and coverage of the information. These aspects help in building up the research project and selecting the appropriate research method.


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Rubin, A., & Babbie,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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