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They suggest that homes can be retrofitted to allow for better support for the people with terminal illnesses and hence make the home friendlier and safer (Koenig J., 2018).

Generally, the LTC needs to have three main services whether it is at home or within an institution; the services must fit the needs of the individual, must address the changing needs over time and, must fit the personal preferences of the individual. The needs do vary greatly among the people who need the TLC services, even among the elderly who are the major consumers of this service. The functional disability and the presence of other medical conditions often determine the type of service that an individual requires (Presutti M., 2007). Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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It is important to note that even within the home setting that the individual may be receiving care from the family member, there is need to have specialists come in to give specialized assistance, a day referred to as adult day service. This often involves three categories of services; social adult day services such as the arts, craft, local day trips, discussion groups as well as light exercise. There is also provision of adult day health services where additional medical aid, occupational, speech and physical therapy are provided. Thirdly the specialized adult day services are offered to people suffering from Alzheimer and other types of dementia. These social and health services offered during the adult day are often tailored to fit the particular individuals receiving the service (AARP, 2010).

Term Paper on the long term care for the elderly Assignment

There are however, some people who may need assisted living and not absolute dependency on the caregivers in the care facilities or at home. Assisted living simply implies that the elderly or the disabled who can still get around on their own but may need assistance in some of the daily activities like having food at a central place would be accorded such minimum help. They may also need to have a nursing staff on call. Under this arrangement, the elderly persons prefer to live in a social environment that has little responsibility and care can be accessed with ease whenever they need it. Some of the assistance they may need are bathing, dressing, grooming among other such like services. This group of people may not need care round the clock like the ones in nursing homes (Assisted Living Federation of America, 2016).

Hypothetical version of long-term care

Factually, long term care facilities are well suited to handle the emotional and the physical needs of the residents therein. However, the role of the family, and society in general cannot be underestimated. The hypothetical long term care that is best for the American society that has a growing population of ageing people, people with dementia and Alzheimer among other conditions that may need long term care, is one that every member of the society goes through specialized and mandatory training at some stage of their education. This equips them with skills and knowledge of how to care for this special needs population. This approach will make the care for this population the business of each American, whether they have one in their family or not. It will also make the long term care not a foreign ideology but and part of the lifestyle of each American who will feel it is an honor and not a burden to offer the service, as is the situation now.


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