Long-Term Career Goals Admission Essay

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I have yet to meet a person that has not taught me something, and I relish the opportunity to continue to learn from people. Exposure to multiple cultures and customs only serves to increase those opportunities.

The biggest change I would make would be to implement my thoughts about equalizing economic disparity in the global workforce at an earlier time. I envision that my future business will be globally responsible, and that I will do something to make sure that my business provides economic opportunities for people in areas where similar opportunities are not present. I would like to be able to do that as soon as possible. Therefore, if I had the financial resources available to do so, I would like to take some time to teach basic computer skills and provide basic computer and internet access to people who would otherwise not have those opportunities. The longer I have been in the United States, the more aware I am that those communities exist even here, in the wealthiest country in the world. By doing so, given that people can telecommute for so many of the jobs available in the global economy, I would held people who were previously economically disadvantaged, on a more equal footing with people from wealthier areas and nations.

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Admission Essay on Long-Term Career Goals. How Will Assignment

While I have been involved in for-profit employment since my high-school years, I have also worked as a volunteer since I was 13 years old. Because I believe that humans should be valued at least as highly as money, I consider my volunteer work as important as any for-profit work that I have done, and the change I helped bring about as a volunteer is the most significant change I have effected in my work life. I volunteered for the Creation Social Welfare Foundation in Taipei, where I helped care for impoverished patients existing in a persistent vegetative state. While some of my work with the Foundation was hands-on, such as assisting with personal hygiene and safety needs, I was also able to use my technological skills to assist the Foundation. I managed the database for the Foundation and kept up-to-date with digital and computer advances so that I could make sure that the database combined the best technology with affordability.

In my role of database manager, it came to my attention that the Foundation's minutes and financial records were not as accurate or thorough as they could be. Therefore, I took on the additional responsibility of keeping the minutes for the Foundation. In addition, I took on the responsibility of writing financial reports for the Foundation, which helped pinpoint where resources were being spent. By doing so, I was able to show the other members of the Foundation several areas where expenses were higher than necessary. Using my technological skills, I searched for ways to reduce those expenses. Whether it meant finding a more competitive vendor or simply reducing areas where work was being duplicated, I found several areas where the Foundation could save time and money and still accomplish the same goals without any reduction in the level of service offered to the patients. Because the Foundation serviced impoverished persons, resources were not plentiful; making certain that the limited resources available were spent in a manner that provided the most benefit for the patients has been the most important accomplishment of my professional life.

ESSAY - Please use this essay to provide the admissions committee with additional information that will assist us in evaluating your candidacy (for example, an explanation for gaps in employment history [come in to U.S.A during the 2001 to 2005 to continue my study], or describe my research efforts [i.e Johnson and Johnson Inc.] ....etc.)- 3 pages

Simply glancing at my resume, or reading my other application essays, one gets an accurate, but incomplete, picture of who I am. Therefore, I am going to take this opportunity to fill in the gaps about me. One of the things I think makes me an ideal candidate for Smith is the fact that I am not only an international student, but a multi-cultural student. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English, and speak Japanese and Taiwanese. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to learn about business practices in Taiwan, China, Japan, and America. Today, so much of business is about interpersonal relations because the internet and affordable global travel have personalized relationships that previously may have been extremely impersonal, and my knowledge of other cultures can only help me in the business world. Please do not think that I live in a dream world and think that my international status will always be met with open-arms or open-minds; I am aware of the challenges that some foreign nationals face in a post 9-11 world. However, one of the other things about me is that I am truly a people person. I enjoy learning from people, even when I disagree with their point-of-view. By having the ability to sit down and have a civil, even friendly, discussion with someone that may have come into the conversation with a pre-conceived negative opinion of me, I have been able to challenge stereotypes, and have had some of my own stereotypes challenged, as well. In short, my knowledge of Eastern culture, combined with my American business education, has made me an ideal candidate for your program, which aims to teach people how to become effective leaders in the global economy.

Furthermore, while my resume reveals that I have been working, in volunteer and paid positions, since I was 13, it does not accurately portray how hard I am willing to work in order to accomplish my goals. In fact, a glance at my resume does not show you that, while in high school, I worked full time and attended school. I did so because my father believed I would value my education more if I was the one who paid for it, and there was never any question in my mind that I would attend and complete college. Even more so, my resume cannot reveal to you how appreciative I am of the way that my parents raised me, because I have learned how much more rewarding it is to work hard to accomplish goals than it is just to have things handed to you. In fact, the only thing that one can truly tell about my work ethic by glancing at my resume is that I have a strong one. As one can see, the only gaps in my work history occur when I was attending college.

While in college, I completed and presented a research analysis of Johnson & Johnson Pharmacia, Inc. For my project, I gathered data about Johnson & Johnson's financial performance over the past decade. After analyzing the data, I was able to understand how Johnson & Johnson was able to regain its former cachet and become a leader in the global healthcare market. Not only was I able to understand Johnson & Johnson's economic turn-around, but I was able to create an economic analysis, aimed at potential investors, which demonstrated Johnson & Johnson's competitiveness in the stock market.

I mention this research project for several reasons. The first reason I mention the project is because it helped me understand that one of my skills is that I can take information that some people may find difficult to understand and present it in an easily accessible manner. The ability to do this is crucial to a person working in finance, because there are a lot of people that have money to invest that simply do not understand the special language that is involved in investments. Being able to convey complicated information in a simple manner is an invaluable skill for any leader, but even more so for a person like me, who plans on working in a field that many view as incomprehensible. Not only do I understand finance and information systems, but I am also confident that I can help other people understand them as well.

Furthermore, my research about Johnson & Johnson gave me a greater appreciation and understanding of the global marketplace. While I have worked in multi-national corporations, one of them was limited to the East and I worked in a customer-service capacity in the other; therefore, my practical knowledge of the global economy was limited to my experience within it. However, by researching Johnson & Johnson, I was able to immerse myself in the day-to-day realities of a global business. Johnson & Johnson sells products in almost every country and employs approximately 111,000 employees in 57 countries. Even more amazing, because it is a pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson has to deal with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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