Essay: Long-Term and Short-Term Causes for the Cold War

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Cold War was born in the wake of the end of World War Two. Causes included suspicion over U.S. plans to rebuild Europe; suspicion over Communist expansion; and the need to extend the U.S. wartime economy. The U.S. plans to rebuild Europe, such as the Marshall Plan, were in part motivated by the doctrine of containment, which derived from deep suspicion regarding the Soviet Union. The suspicion was not only based on distrust of the Communist economic system, but also on the leadership of the U.S.S.R. Stalin had demonstrated substantial paranoia and resorted to brutal totalitarianism. The U.S. viewed the radical ideology of Communism not only as a threat but as a source instability. The isolationism of the 30s had failed to keep the U.S. out of conflict, and therefore it felt it needed to be more aggressive on the world stage.

For their part, the U.S.S.R. had a deep distrust of the West, which was rooted in Western intervention in the Bolshevik Revolution. Stalin saw the Marshall Plan and the founding of NATO for what they were - thinly veiled attempts to extend U.S. influence into Europe. Indeed, rebuilding both Germany and Japan was given priority as a means to provide counterweight to Communist expansion.

The U.S. economy had recovered during the war, but the transition into peacetime would not be easy. Factories, funds and workers would all need to be… [END OF PREVIEW]

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