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Jesuit Mission and Service Learning

Jesuit Mission and Jesuit Values

The Georgetown University (2015) describes the Society for Jesus or the Jesuits as a religious body which was formed by St. Ignatius Loyola and which draws its vision from the love of Christ and which aims to help others even as it the members seek God. This is an apostolic group formed within the Catholic Church. The members of the Society for Jesus, see their work as a demonstration of their faith. They try to enhance justice in the society. The group has been in existence for the past 450 years. One characteristic of Jesuits is their determination to fulfill their mission regardless of the impact on their lives which may be in form of relocation or change of profession.

Jesuits are ready to do what needs to be done to ensure that the Lord Jesus Christ is experienced by people everywhere. The members of the Jesuits include men and women who are committed to this mission. Jesuits.org (2015) states that the Jesuits stand in the presence of God and strive to respond to St. Ignatius' questions actively on what the person has done, is doing and will do for Christ. They serve the Catholic Church as they pursue God and His glory.

The Core Jesuit Values

These are the magis, the cura personalis, finding God in all things and service with others


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This is a Latin word which means 'more'. It requires that the Jesuit do more or go beyond the expectations. Magis thus relates to transcending (defined by the Webster College Dictionary as surpassing limits). Thus, Magis encourages the Jesuit to transcend religion.

Cura Personalis

Cura personalis is formed from two Latin words and it means to care for the person. In terms of the Jesuit, this term refers to the care that they must give to the whole person in the pursuit to develop the person. The spirit, mind and body are thus encompassed in this definition so that the Jesuit gives care that accommodates all these plus the dignity of the individual.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Looking Into Jesuit Mission Assignment

Finding God in All Things

This is what St. Ignatius tried to bring out. It was his spiritual focus. It is an acknowledgement of the existence of the human spirit and it is evidenced by the fact that human beings are ever reaching for what they have not yet attained. The target in this quest is human mind and heart as they are never satisfied.

Service with Others

This looks to demonstrate love through actions instead of relying on words which can be empty (Ewelt, 2012). St. Ignatius was concerned about helping others. Thus service was at the center of what he sought to do with the Jesuit purpose.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is the effort by organizations to incorporate the community in their day-to-day operations through endeavors such as contributing to the social environment's development and even the preservation of the environment. It is essentially the balance between the profit-making objective and the commitment to make an impact in the environment and in the social sphere. It promotes the triple bottom line approach in this way. It is different from any other charitable act, or philanthropic effort by individuals. CSR is more than charity, similar to being more than just creating an image for the company (UNIDO, 2015). CSR requires that the organization recognize that it is accountable to its people and these are its customers, its employees, its shareholders and other stakeholders. Thus, as stated in IISD (2013), the major focus for CSR is the environment, the employee welfare, the civil society, and the community in the present as well as in the future.

One definition versus multiple definitions

Corporate Social Responsibility has no single definition. There are multiple definitions that have been raised concerning it. The International Labor Organization (2003) defined it as encompassing many proactive, voluntary schemes that touch on the environment, the economy and the social aspects that organizations put in place as they continue their operations.

IISD (2013) has indicated that there is no more room for singular focus on profitability or competitiveness. Firms must now operate in an environment where they acknowledge that they are part of a broader society and their operations must reflect this.

The Context for CSR

This really depends on the company, its location in terms of regions and country, and which groups are involved in advocating for it. The most addressed concern in CSR activities is the environment. However there are also other areas that are addressed including the issue of health, through health initiatives, ethics, and social issues among others. It can be very wide, and in its application cannot really be confined to one area (Institute of Medicine (U.S.), Roundtable on Environmental Health Sciences, Research, and Medicine., 2007).

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry makes a tremendous contribution to the society through the creation of jobs, the introduction of infrastructure in communities and promotion of culture. It can thus be seen to be contributing to the community as it carries out its business. Nevertheless, the hotel industry has also made its share of negative contributions to the society and these include pollution through noise as well as waste from the hotels. It has also contributed to the depletion of resources that it requires on a daily basis such as paper, food, water and energy (Chan, 2011). This has also been seen in the space that the hotels ocupy, the changes that have ben made in terms of infrastructure and the impact of the hotel on the local businesses.

Through this major interaction with its environment, a hotel has a great opportunity to impact this environment. This impact especially in terms of sustainable initiatives has been seenand advocated for by the international tourism assocaitions (Khairat and Maher, 2012). One of the things arising from this is Agenda 21 which was sanctioned by the World Tourism Organization, the World Travel and Tourism Council and the Earthc Council. It required that CSR be enhanced in this industry as it set out guidelines for this. Martinez and Bosque (2013) highlight how this has been put into place in Europe. Europe established the Initiative for Improving CSR in the Hospitality Sector. This body was responsible for the compliance measures that were put into place later, which saw the protection of workers from discrimination, gave them good working conditions, equitable pay, ensured their health and safety and in this way protected the people within the environment. These were the measures that the European Federation of Food and Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions and Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes in Europe drafted.

Community outreach by a hotel and the benefits emanating thereby

Hyatt Thrive

This is an initiative by the Hyatt Hotels Corporation to enhance literacy and career development in the globe through philanthropy. The campaign is called the Ready to Thrive campaign and it is aimed to develop the workforce while the company contributes to education in its communities. Hyatt Thrive is the company's CSR program, which stands to benefit from this campaign, as it is an effort to improve the communities within which the hotel operates making them better for the locals, the staff and the guests. In Ready to Thrive, education is key and communities will stand to gain from this emphasis. The company will endeavour to provide the resources that are necessary for this initiative so that the youth and other beneficiaries can have access to better careers. The objective behind this campaign is to give these communities a better life than live presently, and thereby ensure success of the future endeavours of the company. Brazil will be one of the new beneficiaries and receive funding for educational programs as Hyatt hopes to open the Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro this year (Hyatt Corporation, 2015).

Fulfilling the Jesuit mission through a career in the hospitality industry

The pursuit of the Jesuit values in the hospitality industry is possible. The aim of the CSR is not solely for the sake of fulfilling organizational responsibility but the pursuit of a mission. The beneficiaries will not just be pursued as a part of company strategy but more so as valuable members of the human race who can make worthwhile contributions. The pursuit of CSR initiative will not be a job where one carries out their corporate duties but a conviction that it is our duty to serve Christ by serving these people. This career will help me to reflect and to be driven from within by my commitment to these values so that I will be more impactful and my efforts will bear much more fruit.

In addition, the hospitality industry is an industry of service. Service not only through CSR to the community but service to others who make up the guests and the employees. Thus I will be able to pursue my mission as I serve the people around me as well.


Chan, E. (2011). Implementing environmental management systems… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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