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Unlike Labe whose love was torn away from her, there is no reason given for why Cruz's love is fleeting. Additionally, Cruz appears to be pleading and begging for love to stay, whereas Labe was angry that she did not really have a choice in the matter. Cruz writes, "Stay, shadow of contentment too-short lived, illusion of enchantment I most prize, fair image for whom I happily die, sweet fiction for whom I painfully live." Cruz's object of affection, unlike Labe's does not seem to be tangible as she describes it as a shadow, an illusion, an image, and fiction. Furthermore, given this imagery, Cruz appears to establish that the love that she had is not real, which raises the question of what about her attachment to this object made her fall in love in the first place? This questions also seems to plague Cruz as she writes, "If to your sweet charms attracted I submit, obedient, like steel to magnet fly, by what logic do you flatter and entice, only to flee a taunting fugitive?" Cruz does not understand why this object has worked so hard to attract her only to repel her at the last moment. Furthermore, Cruz berates the object that seduced her to not be proud of what it has accomplished; "Tis no triumph that you smugly boast that I fell victim to your tyranny." Cruz claims that she also captured this object's attention, however, "from encircling bonds that held you fast, your elusive form too readily slipped free." By admitting that she could not keep a hold on this unnamed object, Cruz implies that she was not prepared to hold on to it, or perhaps she did not have a strong enough will to physically hold on to it. However, Cruz asserts that while she could not physically make this object hers forever, "and though to my arms you are forever lost, you are a prisoner in my fantasy" and thus, will be with her for as long as she can imagine it in her mind forever.

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Provided the religious background of Cruz, the object that she alludes to can be many things, however, given the context it is likely that Cruz is describing Temptation. It can be argued that Cruz feels as though she was tempted into wanting or thinking of something that she did not consider before and that in her departure from her everyday thoughts, fell in love with what she was tempted towards or with. The argument that Cruz is speaking to Temptation is supported by the description of "taunting fugitive" and something that does "flatter and entice." It can also be argued that Temptation was not working to satisfy its own needs, but rather that it was an agent of Satan, and like the snake in the Garden of Eden, Cruz fell victim to his lies.

One of the major differences between Labe's and Cruz's sonnets is how real love and desire were. In Labe's sonnet, Labe and her lover loved each other equally and passionately; the only reason the two are not together is because they were torn apart by death. On the other hand, the love or desire Cruz has is not real because it was not reciprocated, but rather appears to have been contrived through deceit. Additionally, while Cruz pleads for this unnamed thing to return to her, the reason the two became separated was because the object of her affections decided to terminate whatever bonds had been formed between them. Furthermore, the sonnets differ in tone. While Labe's sonnet is full of anger, Cruz's poem appears to have a stronger tone of disappointment in addition to desire and wanting this seemingly lustful feeling to return.

Labe and Cruz are able to explore feelings of love, loss, and desire through their sonnets and allow the reader to empathize with them. Labe's poem is much more tragic because of the sudden loss of a loved one, whereas Cruz's poem appears to serve as a warning to others to not give in to their desires so quickly because the memory will haunt them forever. Labe and Cruz speak of different kinds of love, yet both contend that love is far too fleeting and that one wants it to remain with them forever, regardless of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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