Term Paper: Lost Boys of the Sudan

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Lost Boys of the Sudan

What are the implications of the video "The Lost Boys of the Sudan"?

"The Lost Boys of the Sudan" is not merely an expose of the violence occurring in this African region. It also forces American viewers to confront the disparity between their own lives and the lives of the individuals in the video. By humanizing and personalizing an underreported national tragedy, the documentary demands that the viewers show more care and concern about what is happening in the Sudan and also that Americans take responsibility for how the prosperity of America is founded upon a world economy still divided between the developing and the developed world.

The Sudanese refugee children of the film were brought up to be herders, to live an agrarian life. They assumed they would live as their parents had lived. Perhaps some Americans were unaware of how industrialization had not touched many regions of Africa, until seeing the film. Then, an ethnic conflict tore the boy's region apart. The beginning of the film shows how genocide is not just… [END OF PREVIEW]

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