Lottery" and "The Most Dangerous Thesis

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While the impersonal, democratic murder committed in "The Lottery" appears less immediate than the authoritarian, personal violence committed in "The Most Dangerous Game," both stories make essentially the same point: human beings can and are motivated to violence relatively easily, and the different political ideologies which they belong to only serve to give that violence the appearance of legitimacy in a particular context while at the same time implicitly demonstrating how any violence in the service of power is ultimately illegitimate. Comparing the two stories erases any of the comfortable assumptions held by those who believe that their particular social organization is somehow inherently more just than others, because in conjunction the stories proved that all forms of control inherently rely on the subjugation of autonomy and the application of violence, with the only differences being the number of people in a society actually responsible for carrying out that violence.

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Thesis on Lottery" and "The Most Dangerous Assignment

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