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Sales progressed across all regions, with accelerating momentum in Asia and Europe. Guerlain is maintaining its renewed momentum thanks to the continued success of l'Instant and of its make-up products. BeneFit Cosmetics recorded double-digit sales growth in dollar terms.

Watches & Jewelry followed its strong progress in 2004 by recording strong sales growth of 21% for the first quarter 2005. TAG Heuer and Zenith grew at a double-digit rate despite a strong comparison period last year. Chaumet and Fred also had a good start to the year. The Group's brands did particularly well in the U.S., Asia and in France. The new collections unveiled at the Basel Watch Fair by TAG Heuer, Zenith, Chaumet and Dior Watches confirmed the creative potential of these brands.

In Selective Retailing, DFS had a good start to the year in line with the momentum recorded in 2004 and benefiting from the continuing recovery in Asian tourism, which has been driven by the weak dollar. Sephora continued to win market share in Europe and in France in particular, thanks to the excellent response to the brand's innovative services. In the U.S., Sephora continued to record double-digit sales growth on a comparable store basis for the first quarter 2005.

LVMH should continue to pursue growth in 2005 by taking advantage of the strength of its brands, new product launches and penetration of new markets. Increasing market share and the profitability of the leading brands, as well as improving the performance of the developing companies and cash generation, should remain LVMH's top priorities.

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Term Paper on Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy a Assignment

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Dan Ackman, "Morgan Stanley, LVMH Tango In Paris." May 27, 2003. June 18, 2005. .… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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