Love Letter Term Paper

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The delicacy and playfulness of Rococo designs is often seen as a reaction to the excesses of Louis XIV's regime" ( Thus, the frivolity and the sense of fleeting that is present throughout the painting is something which is representative of the Rococo period in general.

Ultimately, the painting is very inviting and it encourages one to be a part of the space that it occupies. It makes one almost feel mildly voyeuristic as if one is trying to get a glimpse at the love letter presented. The painting is both quiet and loud and involves the senses in a sensual manner, evoking a strong amount of curiosity. Its warmth makes one enjoy being in its presence. It provides pleasure and makes one feel uncomfortable. My overall relationship to the painting is one of intrigue and mild excitement.

The painting has definitely showed me how the act of looking needs to be treated in a more proactive manner and that one must not regard works of art in a lazy fashion. It has shown me how the act of making art is precise, and how so many different elements work together to make a piece of art successful. Art is differentiated from any other type of object in the beauty (though sometimes not traditional beauty) and deeper meaning that art conveys. Art is able to point to the elusive and the eternal: these are the elements of life that few things can really touch upon with great success. Art can also take on a variety of meanings and be able to shift the perspective of many, allowing it in many ways to be ever transforming.


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