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¶ … Loved One written by Evelyn Waugh, can be found the classic English sense of humor if only the reader knows where to look. As the reader peruses the short novel the humor is understated, sometimes of a biting character, cynical to the reading ear and can be imagined (even as it is being read) as if the character involved is saying the words with tongue tucked firmly in cheek. Coinciding with the undercurrent of the English style of humor, was a very evident bias towards those things of English character.

"You never find an Englishman among the under-dogs thanks to the example we've set. There are jobs that an Englishman just doesn't take" (pg 11). This snobbishness (if that could be used to describe such an English attitude) coupled with the dry, sardonic style of wit or humor used throughout the book gave a tone to the writing that one had to be careful not to fall prey to.

It would have been quite simple to fall under the effects of such a spell and upon reaching the conclusion of the book be at a point where everything American would be suspect, while the English could still be thumbing their respective noses at the young upstarts across the bay, who would not have even recognized the insult for what it was, instead they're job would still be going to work every day, whether that work was acceptable or not to the English way of thinking.

What was equally evident throughout the tome was the English snobbery was not affected in any way, but was meant to be perceived as just a naturally presumed right of the English characters in the book.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Loved One Assignment

So much of the attitude was ingrained into these characters way of life that at least one of them chose to devoid himself of life, rather than live further with the disgrace of being canned. Other characters in the book (though not English) also recognized the importance to these characters the facade maintained by their belief of the superiority of being English borne, which is evidenced by how Sir Francis was treated before finally realizing that he no longer was employed by the film industry. His employers at the studio knew that unless handled properly, a tragic end could be foreseen, and in fact, that was proved out after Dennis discovered Sir Francis hanging by the neck.

Shortly after this scene an excellent example of the sardonic sense of humor used to keep the tone of the book on a very light basis comes about. "Did the Loved One pass over with a rope?

We had a Loved One last month who passed over with electric cord....We had to wind a scarf right up to the chin." (pg 57) To be presented with such a serious subject as death in such an irreverent way, allows the reader to penetrate the author's thoughts in a way not necessarily available when otherwise discussing serious subjects in what is consider a 'normal' way.

Waugh allows the reader to laugh at the characters thoughts and actions, by employing humorous responses to non-humorous situations. An excellent example of this employment can be found towards the end of the book when Dennis is visited by Mr. Joyboy at the Happier Hunting Ground in a state of supreme anxiety.

Instead of evoking words of sympathy from Dennis, Mr. Joyboy is asked "You think that your career will suffer if Dr. Kenworthy learns you have the poisoned corpse of your fiancee in the ice box?" (pg 155). This is such a vast understatement that it induces the reader to laugh at the thought as it is presented.

Yet the English characters in the book (much like real life) take themselves so seriously that many times it is near impossible to discover if they are being… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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