Low-Carbohydrate Diets Food Service Industry Term Paper

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More specifically the scientific method employed in the present research investigation will provide a systematic and organized series of steps that will ensure the greatest amount and objectivity and consistency in researching the aforementioned research question. As such reliability and validity of the findings will be provided with respect to patterns and interrelationships of the variables previously identified.

At this juncture measurement data gathering and statistical data analysis has not been deemed necessary and/or appropriate for the following reasons:

1. A need has yet to be established highlighting the effects of a low carbohydrate diet on the American population visa via nutritionists, physicians, health advocates, general public, or food manufacturers.

2. Government (FDA) alerts have not been issued with warnings against low carbohydrate diets.

3. Although the fad of a low carbohydrate diet seems to exist, obesity in America is also rising -- a counter interface.

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Supportive Data. The effects of low-carbohydrate diets on the food service industry cannot be discussed without first discussing the concept of obesity and dietary significance in America. Without America's love affair with food, plus the fact that the obesity rate in the United States is higher than any other country, there would exist no multibillion dollar diet industry, including the low-carbohydrate one. Although not a topic for this paper it is nonetheless important to note that successful weight loss strategies and effective treatments of obesity are significantly lacking. As a direct result public interest in alternative dietary approaches to weight loss has spiraled. The most notable program being publicized as the answer to weight loss and obesity is Dr. Atkins' (1998) low-carbohydrate dietary program.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Low-Carbohydrate Diets Food Service Industry Assignment

Medically the low-carbohydrate diet program causes some medical professionals concern with respect to the lack of supportive scientific evidence backing the claims made (Kennedy, et al., 2001). Knowing that low-carbohydrate diets derive the majority of their calories from protein and fat there exists significant concern with respect to cardiovascular risk (Bravata, 2003). Knowing also that one in four Americans are diagnosed with a Metabolic Syndrome (Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease) this issue is of great concern as well (Haffner, 1992; Isomaa, et al., 2001). In addition, the increased consumption of fat, more specifically saturated fat, has been associated with increased plasma concentrations of lipids (Lichtenstein, et al., 1994) and increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD)(Hu, et al., 1997). In summary it is probably safe to say that for those Americans suffering from being overweight or obese dietary guidelines for low-fat and low carbohydrate consumption appears to be counterproductive [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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