Low Weight and Runway Model Reaction Paper

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This is a condition that makes them harmful for them (Hill).

2. Another disadvantage is that in the race for losing weight, the models usually cross the desired line of thinness and reach at a level of weakness rather than being smart. This has an adverse effect as these models get a break in their career for being too thin rather than getting fame. They tend to slip out of the runway modeling.

The fashion industry hasn't changed since long. Its demands and requirements if not increased, have been religiously the way they were earlier. As we see the inner details of the industry, we see that it is a truth of life that models have always been thin and young regardless of the country they are in. The difference only is that, until in recent times, people understood that models were working women doing a job. This is no recreation for them. They make many sacrifices, leaving home, affecting family life. Not to mention, not eating much, and given a reward for this (Ebony).

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This seems very peculiar an seeing the lives of these models, the glamour they have, the fame they receive, makes any human being wish for a life like that of theirs. But on the other offer, if we consider the toughness of their work we feel that nobody in their right mind wants to be these women. They definitely appreciate them in the pages of a glossy magazine and venerate the clothes they wear, but eventually they forget about them and get on with their lives. Models occupy the same obscure stratosphere as the movie stars do.

TOPIC: Reaction Paper on Low Weight and Runway Model Assignment

Besides to blame the fashion industry solely for what is a shared problem is clearly not going to overcome these problematic issues. We need to focus more closely on the society primarily ourselves. We should realize how we are so insecure as to believe in starvation as prime indicator of beauty. Furthermore, we should think about how we seem to have entirely lost our touch with the idea that what shines is not always gold. There are people who do not seem as they actually are. Their interiors are more significant than what is on the exterior. Therefore it is important to recognize that by appreciating them for reducing appetite is an objectionable act on the part of the onlookers (Law).

There have been laws for regulating the weight selection of the runway models. The models cannot be graded as anorexic unless they have a weight percentile less than that of the other people of their age and height. These laws are prevalent but still they are not strictly followed. It is us who are an obstruction in the path of the law enforcement. The fact that the present-day modeling industry standard is insalubrious for most wannabe models also contributes to a detrimental professional society in which even the squeakiest models can become compulsive and suspicious about their weight. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) created a health initiative in January 2007 to reply to apprehensions about unhealthily reedy models. The message from the CFDA is that designers share a liability to protect women, very young girls in precise, within the business. Therefore, I agree with the regulation variations because the encouragement of life-threatening measures to achieve thinness at any cost simply to fit into the stereotype of high fashion standards is deplorable (Norgaard).

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