Loyalty Programs in CRM Term Paper

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Customer Loyalty Programs

Are customer LOYALTY PROGRAMS (including the use of credit as a type of customer loyalty program) at the company you are auditing used to meet the needs or requirements of its (served and/or prospective) target market(s)?

United Natural Foods uses a variety of loyalty programs including the option for retailers to create their own customized marketing program, extensive use of consumer circulars and the Healthy Clippings Coupon Book. Each of these loyalty programs is oriented towards a different market and customer need. For United Natural Foods, their greatest ongoing challenge is stabilizing their channel-based revenue stream over time. Keeping retailer and channel partners, or resellers, focused on their brand is crucial for them to gain greater sales through these partners. Scaling out this area of sales using the customized marketing program as a means to capture additional sales has been successful for the company because it is designed to pinpoint a reseller's greatest unmet need, and that is demand generation for the products they stock and sell. The consumer circulars and Healthy Clippings coupon book are also critical for generating ongoing demand from consumers as well.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Loyalty Programs in CRM Assignment

Each is used for a specific purpose in the overall loyalty strategy, starting with the Customized Marketing Program being used for attracting and retaining reseller and chains to sell United Natural Food's products. The consumer circulars are designed to nurture and grow loyalty with the consumers of the products and the Healthy Clippings coupon book is designed to create greater loyalty with consumers by offering them price discounts and a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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