Lucifer Effect: Philip G. Zimbardo the Review Book Review

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¶ … Lucifer Effect: Philip G. Zimbardo

The review of Philip Zimbardo's the Lucifer Effect starts by briefly describing the psychological experiment that sparked Zimbardo's initial nterest in the underpinnings of evil. The Stanford Prison Experiment consisted of 24 students, half acting out the role of prison guard and the other half as prisoners. The experiment's incredulous outcome was devastating. Five 'prisoners' were discharged early on account of "extreme depression, disorganized thinking, uncontrollable crying and fits of rage." One even developed a psychosomatic rash after being rejected from his mock parole hearing. This experiment shockingly demonstrated the power of situations and how xtreme situations can overpower personality traits, values, rationale, and common sense.

years after Zimbardo conducted this experiment, he published a book that attempts the explain the psychology behind this effect. In the Lucifer Effect, Zimbardo applies the lessons learned from the Stanford Prison Experiment to disasters in our history. The disasters described are those in which typically good people succumbed to the psychological demands of evil situations and subsequently performed sadistic acts. One of the most famous tragedies Zimbardo chronicles is the torture performed by U.S. Military personnel on Abu Ghraib prisoners.

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In his book he reveals that it is commonplace for humans to act badly in certain situations. However, to instill some hope in the reader, Zimbardo concludes his book with a demonstration of how the same psychological concepts that activate the "Lucifer Effect" can be redirected to cultivate goodness. "Altruism, like evil, is readily responsive to situational forces."

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Book Review on Lucifer Effect: Philip G. Zimbardo the Review Assignment

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