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In the serial the Ricardos had a positive part in the baby boom in January 1953. The fictional child Little Ricky took his birth on the same day that Ball gave birth, by caesarean to her second child, Desi Jr. The journey to California was symbolized as the turning of the nation towards west in a side-splitting series of shows that exemplified our conception of and obsession with Hollywood glamour. With the movement of nation to the suburbs the Ricardos also moved in their last season. (Zoglin, Lucille Ball)

Her skills of jesting were associated with the styles of the silent comics and Buster Keaton, with whom she was allied at the time of her incumbency at MGM. Those had a marked impact on the daring pursuits of Lucy, hang-dog expressions and direct looks at the audience. Irrespective of the fact that she personally ignited the prodigy that much of her performance was spontaneous, in reality, all her move was choreographed. She used to spend much of her time practicing a particular schedule prior to including it into her programs to become accomplished perfectionists. Her rubbery facial expressions were so distinct that the scriptwriters for I Love Lucy indicated them in terms of particular code word notations. To illustrate the prompt muddling led the star to stop for a moment with large tearful eyes and then to burst into a loud cry. (Lucille full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Lucille Ball. Born in Jamestown Assignment

The 'Light bulb' indicated to depict a sudden theme while the recommendations led the star to stare in astonished resentment. (Ball, Lucille: U.S. Actor/Comedienne) Similarly, one of the most significant things that Lucy proved was that women could be funny and attractive simultaneously which has become an innovative concept of the day. She could carry out the most disgraceful of jesting schedules and still be womanly. This was more peculiarly commendable taking for granted that Lucy was beautiful enough to become a traditional film star and really become a Hollywood movie sensation as 'Queen of the B-Movies'. She gradually moved to become the persona of a cool beauty rather than bringing out a chance to get a laugh. She never cared to appear foolish, silly or even ugly for the sake of a good muffle and her audience loved her for it. Confirming the success of this formula she showed the path for generation of funny women to enter into. (Lucille

The faint red head of Ball with flexible face and saucer eyes, she was visualized as a paradigm by the number of comic TV females to patronize. She and her performance could assist in defining a still promising medium. (Zoglin, Lucille Ball) The success of Carol Burnett, Roseanne, Gilda Radner, Cybill Shepard, Mary Tyler Moore and Candace Bergen acknowledged the contributions of the amazing Lucy. (Lucille The extraordinary use of props and imaginative flights of Lucy from the most improbable situations tuned the prospective stars like Penny Marshall, Bronson Pinchot, Ellen Degeneris, and Robin Williams, whose styles have a marked indication of the impact of her performance. While her performance is particularly praiseworthy it was the role of Ball that restructured the television programming that emphasize its significance. (Ball, Lucille: U.S. Actor/Comedienne) The brand of comedy depicted by Lucy often considered being little rough. A good clout is revealed in her fake slapping fight with an associate candy wrapper in the popular episode of 'candy factory'. A similar clash was appeared in an Italian grape stomping scene. Later on Lucy admitted of her fearfulness of drowning up in the vat of grape juice while other actress became a bit too enthusiastic. (Lucille

Love Lucy was considered unique in that it was one of the fist television programs to form a film live with utilization of multiple camera technique before a studio audience. The continuous attribute of the program permitted the permanency that allowed Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz to benefit from re-runs syndication and foreign distribution. The program was outstandingly successful attaining the position by February of its initial year and became a premier one during the four of six years on the air with a share of 67%. Telecasted in more than one hundred countries the serial became most lucrative in meeting the expenses of Desilu Studios, organized by Lucy and her husband as Vice President and President respectively. (Ball, Lucille: U.S. Actor/Comedienne) Lucy was also thus perceived to be one of the most elegant actresses in the industry of entertainment. (Lucille Ball: It was during a time when most of the entertainers were gradually migrating to the studio or network systems that she could own and regulate one of the most flourishing television production studios in the history with her uniqueness, popularity and determination along with the technical and financial expertise of her husband. (Ball, Lucille: U.S. Actor/Comedienne)

Desilu studios continued to become the centre of production for greatest hits of television programs during 1950s and 1960s that incorporates Our Miss Brooks, Make Room for Daddy, the Dick Van Dyke Show, the Untouchables, Mission Impossible, Mannix and Star Trek. Of course, it was the clout of Lucille Ball with the CBS network that influenced them to pick up the latter three pilots. The success of Ball in her debut serial I Love Lucy gifted her with enormous energy which most of the contemporary entertainers were denied of. She was one of the few television stars of 1950s succeeded in struggling against the Communist witch hunts of HUAC while her career was tried to be destabilized by a program of Walter Winchell in1953. The celebrated film stars like Orson Welles, William Holden and Joan Crawford those previously avoided television started to appear in guest appearances with a view to working with the Queen of prime time. (Ball, Lucille: U.S. Actor/Comedienne)

The reputation of Lucy at the press and her fans compelled CBS authorities to agree to her decision to bring out her real life pregnancy in the second phase of the show. The television was first watched meticulously by a trio of clergy those oversaw each of the script. The timorous CBS authorities were emphasized on using the word 'expectant' instead of 'pregnant' the seven episodes narrated about the pregnancy of Lucy illustrating her own physical conditions. Accumulating the five more episodes for use after her recovery from delivery the program concentrated on her due date, so as to coincide her television program delivery with her real life Caesarean delivery. The episode had a rating 71.1 attracting the viewers compelling to tune their TV sets to witness the birth of fictional Lucy Ricardo considered even greater in number than that of the Eisenhower's inauguration. (Ball, Lucille: U.S. Actor/Comedienne) By the mid 1970s she had appeared in three additional series for CBS. The third serial-'The Lucy Show' could able to earn the highest bid of $2.3 million for a thirty minute series ranging to the total of 30 episodes. (Ball, Lucille: U.S. Actor/Comedienne)

Lucille is acknowledged to be the hardest working person on the stage. She exhibited a form of comedy regarded as highly energetic and required a great deal of physical efforts. Even at her pregnancy her fellow actors could recall her leaving of stage for a few minutes and returning back to start again. She was regarded as far more than a clown. Her flexible facial expressions stored the whole record of emotions, her comic timing was matchless, and her devotion to the truth of her character never was highlighted. She depicted herself to be a relentless perfectionist. To illustrate, even in trivial scenes like popping of a paper bag, she used to spend about three hours examining the bags so as to ensure the appropriate size and sound. (Zoglin, Lucille Ball) Lucille attained four Emmy Awards, a Lifetime Achievement Citation from Kennedy Center and a Presidential Medal of Freedom. As an Emmy Award winner for five times she became the first actress to be incorporated in the Hall of Fame of the Television Academy. She was awarded with Genii Award and a Kennedy Center Honor and with all these awards she became the most beloved star of the small screen and also was acknowledged the most. (Lucille

With a successful telecast of ten years she felt the pressures of the industry and public life to a great extent that resulted in closing down of the show by Arnaz and Ball and ultimately their separation. She became the president of Desilu instantly and within a short span of time revived to come back to television. Firmly committed to remain attached to her well loved character she created a new serial-'The Lucy Show' where she got an opportunity to work with Vivian Vance a co-star of I Love Lucy. (Lucille Ball: It is felt quite impossible to undermine the significance of the Lucille Ball to the new medium. With her profound experience in Hollywood, she could generate great enthusiasm in the artists having on-screen and off-screen talents to be inducted in her show, that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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