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Scholarship Application -- Personal Contributions

Children who grow up with names such as Jill or Sue never have to worry about living up tot their names. Meanwhile, some of us had to learn very early in life that challenges can overcome us or they can be met head-on and overcome with determination. In my case, having been named Precious was a challenge from as far back as I can remember. On many occasions, I was bullied and ridiculed by my peers because of my name. While it was an unpleasant experience, I was also determined to honor my parents' choice and to emerge from those conflicts with a smile on my face. It also taught me that smiles are contagious and that by being a cheerful person, one has the ability to influence others and to improve their spirits.

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Consequently, I have been committed to making sure that my interactions with other people leave them smiling as well. When my friends experience difficulties, I am always there to remind them of all the gifts that they have received and that much of the impact that hardships have on our lives is determined the way they we react to them. I try to help people realize that the best way to respond to unanticipated challenges and difficulties is to make a rational assessment and then to make the best decisions under the circumstances. Usually, that enables us to minimize the negative consequences of most challenges and to emerge from them in the best possible position. Sometimes, we are benefited in the long-run for having experienced hardship, such as in my cases in connection with my name. Instead of being angry at my parents for the initial difficulties I encountered, I am appreciative of the challenge they provided because it has helped me to become the best person that I possibly can be and to live up to the connotations and implications of my name.

Essay on I'm the Best Candidate for the Scholarship Assignment

One way that I have tried to extend the reach of my positive message has been through doing a radio show called Closer… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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