Term Paper: Macbeth the Title Character

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[. . .] Malcolm, who is already in England, has shown little initiative to do the same; without Macduff's assistance, Malcolm probably would have remained impotent. By Act III, scene six, Macduff is clearly established as the play's hero because of his willingness to intercede on behalf of Malcolm. During their conversation in that scene, Lennox and the Lord both express their heartfelt desire that Macduff succeeds in his mission: they state that God and the angels are with Macduff. The Lord states, "I'll send my prayers with him," in the last line of the scene (III, iv, 53). During his visit with Malcolm in England, Macduff exhibits his loyalty to his native Scotland, proving an honest desire to help.

Another reason why Macduff is clearly the play's hero is because he is portrayed as Macbeth's arch nemesis. The most dramatic depiction of Macduff as Macbeth's rival is during Act IV, scene one, when the witches invoke hallucinations for Macbeth. A head appears, crying out "Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! beware Macduff," (line 77). Macbeth states that he already had feared that Macduff was his enemy. When Macduff vows to avenge the murder of his family, the personal battle between the two men begins. Macduff is the only man in the play who was prophesied by the witches to be able to defeat Macbeth: because he was "not of woman born" he can deliver the fatal blow and cut off Macbeth's head (IV, i, 86).

Macduff's success in planning and executing Macbeth's eventual demise proves that he is the play's hero. He is the only character in Macbeth to take decisive action throughout: he noticed that Macbeth was guilty and did everything he could to bring Macbeth to justice. Furthermore, Macduff did so without much personal gain, without any ambition… [END OF PREVIEW]

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