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Humans are one of the most curious animals on the globe. Over the years they have been formulating biological concepts with the quest of understanding themselves and their surrounding. Their argument to know their origin lead to development of evolution theories and over the years they have been working to establish their exact lineage and trying to project the next stage after the present stage. Theologians, philosophers and psychologists alike have been involved in squabbles and heated arguments about the origin of humans. The concept is hard to explain but can be solved through explicit study of evolution.


The study of humans as biological creatures is referred to as Biological Anthropology Biological. Microevolution on the other hand is the study of the specific phenomenon changes that occurred in the species during evolution (Stanford et al., 2009, p.137). By examining the human hand, we notice some very distinct features that can only be attributed not only to the phenotypic variations but also polygenic inheritance. These variations rage from the skin color to the color of the hair and texture.

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Most variations in the humans can be attributed to the environmental diversity, the variation in the quantity of ultraviolet rays exposure brought in the variations in the skin colors (Barsh, 2003, p.21). The skin color variation is explained by the presence of melanin which absorbs light into the body, dark people have a lot of organelles while the light skinned people have been observed to possess very few of these organelles (Toda, et al., 1972, p.144). The variation in the lengths of the fingers can also be used to demonstrate the Macroevolution concepts; there exists great difference between the distances from index finger and the ring in females and males. In females both the index and the ring fingers are approximately the same size in men the index is smaller than the ring finger (Peters, Mackenzie & Bryden, 2002).

Research Paper on Macroevolution Humans Are One of the Most Assignment

Macroevolution owes its origin to the Darwin's theory of evolution. The theory has been evolving over the years and currently evolution is defined using the biological principles and now the biologists can compare the biological similarities to establish the possible linage of the organisms.

Data from fossil analysis indicate that many organisms and traits are lost evolution process; the losses are attributed to the concept of survival for the fittest where changes in the environmental conditions swept many different taxa along the way. The hominids from which human owe their origin survived the geological time by mutating to survive the changes in the environment. From geological data collected from the same fossil it is indicated that the hominids existed during different environmental conditions and there were different organisms during the geological periods (Menz, 2005).The organisms that failed to adopt or mutate (evolve) to other forms to survive changes in their environment became extinct e.g. The dinosaur.

It is also evident that the level of testosterone is higher in males from the early stages of development; this is perhaps the major reason why there are such great variations in the hand sizes between the males and the females. The hands of the humans are different those of the early hominids; the resemblances in the hands are thought to connect the humans to the hominids. Through a succession of evolution, the humans were able to achieve the present posture (Peters, Mackenzie & Bryden, 2002).

Further, with the modern technology especially the human hand is affected by such activities such as SMS-Short Messaging Service writing, typing amongst other tiring activities, when evolution take its course the human hand is be expected to stiffen in response to its applications. The hand is endangered and it might be immobilized or evolve into a weak limb, the hand has done almost all the development that can be observed in the world (Menz, 2005).

Creation theory is borrowed from the biblical history where there supposedly existed a universe with nothing until a super natural being, God decided to create humans as in the same posture they are today. In the recent years, analysts have been trying to dig for the most probable source of the human life. The analysis done by Philip Johnson indicates that the source of human life must be natural and further argues that evolution theory has no base but tries to relate human life to some primitive pasts which can not be ascertained at any level, he concludes that the evolution theory is based on theoretical assumptions and should be left as an assumption, never to be taken as a fact. In his book, the Evolution of a Creationist argues that the human life must have been done by an intelligent being but humans are not results of fortunes and misfortunes in the past (Menton, 2002).

On the other hand, critics of the creation theory assert that creation exists only through faith but clue or indicator directs to the creation. With numerous fossils and carbon dating results have verified that there was life in the globe long before the supposedly creation took place about six thousands years ago. The critics say that students should not be taught on believes but rather should be exposed on more realistic source of human life. Their argument is that through carbon dating of some of the fossils that were found from all corners of the globe and which had proximate resemblance to the humans, indicates that the human life has passed through progressive evolution to achieve the upright posture it possess today (Menz, 2005).

Human Evolution

Source: History of Man (2002).

Human has been an ethic animal since time immemorial. Over the four million years ago the first erect ancestor of man came into the picture and since then, it has been developing to what the human are today. The bipedal beings were naturally disadvantaged over the other animals because they could not out power, out run or out climb them. The only thin that could salvage the weak creatures was their ability to form communities that they used against their enemies during hunting and also to protect them against other dangerous animals (Menz, 2005).

The social aspects of the humans such as love, curiosity and compassion are said to have developed ages ago even before the humans had fully developed intellectually. These instincts were vital during the very primitive times during evolution of the humans. Most of the social attributes of humans can be attributed instincts but not intelligence, as is observed in some animals that can be gradually trained to behave in a certain manner (Fleagle, 1998, p.172).

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is the main difference between the humans and other animals. The human brain has been developing for over four million years. The combination of brains, the ability to communicate and operate at different environments makes the humans superior over other intelligent animals (Rantala, 2007, p.17). The intelligence in the humans has enabled them to adopt other social behaviors that further widens the gap between them and the other animals; through adoption the humans learnt that being naked was primitive and worked hard to clothe themselves and develop system that make them superior over their compatriots.

Self-discipline and self-control have been instrumental in the modernization of the humanity; the human sexuality for example is respected and the conduct of the human is not based on strength or fighting ability but it is rather much developed. Discipline is an important part in the development of the humans; it in fact separates them from the other animals (Hopkins & Leavens, 1998, p.97).

Various stages of evolution took varying durations as shown in the chart. The duration of each hominid was recorded after carbon dating on fossils found from different parts of the globe. Results were complied to achieve the current order of hominids development. However, there have been… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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