Madam Knight Well, Mr. John Term Paper

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John return'd and ask'd mee about mee travills. His eyes were coal in color and when he smil'd he look'd to be like ye drunken guests at ye Lodg. He told mee I had Courage to seek out on a Journy such as ye one that lay beefore mee, and we discuss'd ye Details of ye Journy. He impress'd to mee that he was Intelligent and I began to feel bless'd that a man such as he would Accommodate mee.

Ye Hostess continue'd to wressill with unruly guests who enjoy'd too much ye fine Spirits and John's attention was pull'd to yet anoyer Incident. ye drunk customer stumbled and spoke in Disrespect to My Hostess and to John, who did not take kindly his remarks. John held his Compsure and did try to Reason with ye customer. I beelive that customer was ye least of Gentlemanness that I have witness'd. He was Cantankorous, fists swinging and Punching John, who was put out of Countenance with him and with a tight clenched fist hit ye Unruly customer Precisely there on ye center of his Ruddy face. Wailing came from customers onlooking and My Hostess again Gasp'd and covered her Lipps with her hand again. With a Frightened look, ye drunken customer Stopp'd beefore falling there to ye floor. Kind John brac'd his Fall, and proceeded to drag him to the door. In my mind, I did Ponder ye Safety of ye Lodg but kept clos'd my Lipps in ye midst of ye Evening's excitment.

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Term Paper on Madam Knight Well, Mr. John, Assignment

We stepp'd out of the Lodg where ye air blew so cold I shiver'd. John sais to mee that we shold and prepared for this Journy and I…
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