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Sales were high for the companies that had their products and services endorsed by Jordan and the sales poured in hefty amounts of revenues for these companies that in turn brought in hefty amount of taxes for the government. From Jordan to the companies to the government and from people to the government and companies, every one was happy and enjoying the money they earned throughout the hype created in the mid eighties and the whole nineties decade. Jordan helped the economy and the American culture to get a better and positive acceptance in the world and helped promote what Crawford notes as "American-style capitalism" (n. p.).

Jordan has been an economic and cultural icon all through his sports career and has been and would be a sign of the new worldwide business and the influence that it would have by means of media: television, print media and most importantly the ads that run on the media. Jordan influenced the "global buying habits" (Beatty, n. p.) and also the domestic buying habits. This created demand for the American goods all over the world increasing its Gross Domestic product as well as Gross national Product. The productivity of the economy did have a consequential positive effect and impact of the Jordan Effect and is still having after his retirement. Not because he remains a cultural icon and economic influencer in American and outside America, but that he created a market for American goods in the world marketplace that cannot be competed and eliminated or reduced very easily.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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It was not the sole Nike that helped build up the image and cash on the hype of Michael Jordan and alone Nike could not manage to expand the Jordan Effect outside America. It was the "new technology of instant communication symbolized by Ted Turner -- founder of CNN, on which "foreign" is a banned word -- and Rupert Murdoch, with his satellites and his television networks on six continents" (Beatty, (http://www.theatlantic.com/unbound/polipro/pp9907.htm).The innovation of television "wore off for most Americans a generation ago, but not for many millions of people in less fortunate countries around the world, where the number of televisions per one hundred people has doubled since 1980" (Beatty, (http://www.theatlantic.com/unbound/polipro/pp9907.htm).

For instance, within the worldwide television commercials that used to run for "Wheaties, Hanes underwear, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, and Nike -- before hundreds of millions of watchers -- Michael Jordan went global. Chinese schoolchildren now rank him second only to Zhou Enlai as the greatest figure of the twentieth century" (Beatty, (http://www.theatlantic.com/unbound/polipro/pp9907.htm).

Exports from the United States to all over the world increased. The domestic sales of the goods endorsed by Jordan helped increase the local demand of those products and helped the investors from other countries request franchises of the manufacturers of these products. Many smaller countries, where a separate plant establishment would not have been financial viable, set up a franchise of products like hamburgers or McDonald's burgers. This also poured in annual revenues for the American firms. And as many estimate, a lot can be attributed to the hype or the Jordan Effect.


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