Magical Realism in Juan Rulfo Term Paper

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..puts its gentle arm around my waist...then I sink into it...give myself to its pulsing strength..." (96). In this fashion, Juan Rulfo leads Juan and the reader to ponder between Pedro's illusion and Susana's reality. The point to note, however, is that Pedro himself is shown constant in his belief about Susana implying that for Pedro, his vision of Susana was real and true.

Similarly, in Death Constant Beyond Love, Gabriel Garc'a-Marquez's story of Senator Onesimo Sanchez's continual quest for life in the face of imminent death, the question of illusion and reality is highlighted through the Senator's continued campaigning and his indulgence in an affair that ultimately causes his downfall. Was the Senator deluding himself with the only reality being death or was the Senator only continuing to live what had always been his reality as in the false make-believe world of politics and in fact, being realistic, by making most of the time he had left with Laura ("he found the woman of his life": 2430)? Thus, the lines between illusion and reality begin to blur depending on the perspective from which it is considered - the Senator's or the reader's.

Through Death Constant Beyond Love, Marquez uses magical realism to raise questions on illusion and reality. Take, for example, Rosal del Virrey - A rosebush in a dry, desolate land? Or the Senator's careful nurturing of his rose against the odds - preservation of illusion or facing the reality of the rose's poor chances of survival?Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Magical Realism in Juan Rulfo's Assignment

To conclude, the use of magical realism in both Pedro Paramo and Death Constant Beyond Love is marked by the blurring of lines between illusion and reality and thereby raising questions about the difference, if…
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