Mahatma Gandhi Qualities I Admire Term Paper

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During the British invasion, he led protest movements against the forces of colonialism. Mahatma Gandhi is such a strong individual because he has drawn masses of people across the world, including Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King influencing hem throughout the 21st Century. His fight for peace makes him a different character. He believed in unity and peace, which prompted him to fight against violence. Using peaceful demonstrations and hunger strikes, he led India to freedom. He attributes his objection to violence because violence brings temporary good and permanent evil; this indicates his strong belief in peace. Eventually, in 1947, the British army surrendered because Gandhi had influenced the Indian people to become uncooperative. He had made India become one great peaceful power based on the principle of equality. The contribution of Gandhi is much than being the leader of the nonviolent struggle in order to achieve freedom of India. He had very great visions with a global idiom: he recognized India's societal syncretism (Dalton, 2012).


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Term Paper on Mahatma Gandhi Qualities I Admire Assignment

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