Mainstreaming the Non-Traditional Learner Term Paper

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Providing the non-traditional learner with this kind of color and tone relationship can help him learn faster than providing him with the normal method of teaching music that he might not be able to comprehend with easily.

Touching and Moving (tactile/kinesthetic learner) or The Mover.

The mover learns best when she can move. She likes games and activities and likes to touch and feel what she is looking at. The mover would rather be active than sit and listen to a lecture.

Similar to the visual type of learner, a music teacher can provide non-traditional learners with movement activities that may be related to music learning. Research and studies show that if movement activities are helpful to the learning process of individuals without disabilities, it is similarly effective to the learning process of disabled individuals. This is because movements can serve as alternatives in the memorization of information and movements such as dances are easy to remember. For students with physical disabilities, however, it is not necessary that the movement method will involve the whole body of an individual. For instance, hand movement is as effective in learning as with full body movement.

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If there are strategies that can be performed to help a non-traditional learner adapt in a learning environment, it is unfortunate that sometimes teachers display discrimination on disabled students. This thus adds further barrier to the learning process of special individuals. Following are some of the things that teachers must not do, regardless of any teaching class a non-traditional learner is in.

Punishing abnormal behaviors

Ignoring whether special students cope up or not with the learning process

Making expectations that are similar to expectations for normal students

Discrimination of special students from learning activities that may not suit to their learning capabilities due to their disabilities.

Term Paper on Mainstreaming the Non-Traditional Learner in Assignment

There are many strategies that can be adapted in mainstreaming non-traditional learners. The important thing is that teachers must learn to adapt in the learning process and speed of special children. According to Wisconsin Heights School District Online,

Students have some of their educational needs met in the regular education classroom. Emphasis is placed upon integration into those areas in which the child will experience success such as in the areas of physical education, music, social studies, science, health and guidance. The regular education and special education teachers plan and consult on a regular basis.


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