Maintenance Behavior Essay

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Maintenance Behavior

This report is based on the movie 'Furry Vengeance'. The movie concerns the building of a new habitat for human beings which is the task undertaken by a young real estate developer by the name Dan Sanders, who had convinced his wife and family to relocate to the project site. Dan's family was not happy about the move since it meant leaving their lives behind to come to live to this new remote place. The construction meant destroying the forests and the ecosystem. The angry animals in the forest ganged up to stop this destruction from happening. The animals are led by a clever raccoon to teach the developer a lesson about the consequences of man's encroachment and destruction to nature. In the end, the movie ends by the human beings deciding to build their homes away from the forest and building a conservatory around the forest. The movie has a mix of behaviors which are exhibited both by the animals and the human beings.

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Essay on Maintenance Behavior Assignment

One of the positive behaviors that are seen is that of positivity. Positivity refers to the state of something or someone exhibiting a positive feeling. This is seen towards the end of the movie whereby the animals and the human beings agree to co-exist. The human beings, led by Dan Sanders, agree to leave the project and to build a conservatory. Sander's boss, Neal Lyman also came to the project site and after feeling the wrath of the retaliation of the animals, decided to abandon the project for later days. The project had led Sander's family to think of him as mad at some point and that he was taking the project extremely seriously than the way he was taking care of his family. When Dan decides to leave the project… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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