Make a Change Research Proposal

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Makea Change

Change Through Business: A Strategic Business Plan

Make a Change

PO box 6598 Columbia

Business Vision

Business Mission

Business Goals

Production Goals

Sales Production

Market Demographics

Utilizing Market Knowledge

Market Strategies


Financial Plan

Office / Workflow

Change can be painful and it can take time, but history has shown time and time again that change for the better is possible. Change means to make things different than they are now, and there are plenty of things in the world that need to be changed. You may be wondering how just one person can make any difference at all in the complex world we live in today, but we at Make a Change believe that change is possible and we want to do something about changing things for the better. Make a Change is committed to truly important social issues that affect people's lives in meaningful ways. If you want to help us help others, you don't have to become a full-time missionary or be a millionaire to help others help themselves and to make important changes in people's lives. You can help us help others so please take a look at some of the cool merchandise we offer.

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Some small change from you today can help make a real change in people's lives tomorrow!

Research Proposal on Make a Change Assignment

Business Vision

It is absolutely clear that in this changing economy, a business must not only be original and serve a functional purpose in the everyday lives of American consumers, but it must also have some aspects to help the community around it. This is the vision of Make a Change; to be fully operational and profitable, yet at the same time also a helping hand within the business and social community in which it began.

In terms of operational vision, Make a Change needs growth. In the first three to five years of operation, it is the vision of this company to expand to great heights, as a way not only to increase production and profit margins but also to help expand the reach of our charitable donations. From a two person team running out of a home office, Make a Change wants to see great expansion into a highly profitable and successful corporation. We have the will and so that will must be tested with hard work, dedication, and patience. In order to achieve the vision of expansion, Make a Change must constantly be expanding its profits; from an estimated $5,000 revenue brought in the first year, to a tripled estimate by the third. Achieving this vision means not only will Make a Change become a successful and lasting corporation, but we will extend our reach with our charitable donations and be able to truly make a change in the lives of hundreds, and hopefully thousands of individuals across the United States and elsewhere.

Business Mission

Dedication to Change. The first and foremost business mission that makes Make a Change stand head and shoulders above the rest is our dedication to making a change within the lives of others who may be less fortunate. It is a difficult time for such a wide variety of people in this economic slump, and Make a Change wants to do all it can to help ease the burden of those who cannot on their own. This will be done through taking a percentage of very profit earned on every individual item sold and giving it to local and nationwide charitable organizations. In fact, 10% of every dollar earned as gross profit will go to these charitable donations. NEED to PUT in CHARITIES HERE. Working closely with these charities, Make a Change can ensure that the money donated by each customer's purchase will go where it is needed most in order to facilitate the most effective and necessary change within the lives of strangers who desperately need it. Along with out charitable donations, Make a Change will be sponsoring a book that will be published to also help business owners and individual consumers facilitate changes in their own unique ways. This book will help provide stories of how change affects real people's lives as well as methodologies and strategies for facilitating change within any given individual context. Together with our charitable donations and publications, Make a Change will do just that -- facilitate real change within the lives of individuals in need.

Customer Interaction. We here at Make a Change know that no change is possible without the support and dedication of the consumers that help make achieving our mission possible. Therefore it is an important piece to our business mission to incorporate our buyers and supporters as much as possible. The website itself will have a section where customers and supporters can blog about their own lives and how they made a change in other's lives. The first blog series to be launched at the date of the website opening will be about making a change within the lives of complete strangers. Here, individuals can share their own stories and help inspire others to help make a change and do something about the horrible conditions that leave many people stuck in their present conditions. Along with the blog site, Make a Change will offer other ways the customer can interact with others and us here at Make a Change. First, we will also feature a classifieds listing on the site, where people can post jobs wanted and looking for jobs in order to help facilitate changes within their own lives. This will also serve as an effective marketing tool that will help drive business to the site along with providing necessary information to our already established customer base. As a bonus gift to our customers who do interact with the world around them in regards to the mission of Make a Change, we will also offer a referral program which allows customers to be eligible to receive a free item after they successfully refer three new customers to Make a Change. This is geared towards rewarding our customers for their commitment to making a change.

Business Goals

Before Opening. In any online commercial business, there are a lot of steps to take before even opening up shop. The same is the case here at Make a Change. From about six months prior to actually starting the business, which was done on September 1, 2009, there was a lot to work out. The company is an S Corporation, and all licensing appropriate to that status has already been acquired. First, wholesale sellers of the various products had to be researched and solidified as a way to guarantee price pointing and expenses to fit in the product and financial plan which is at the very heart of this strategic business plan. Therefore, a month before proper licensing was acquired, we here at Make a Change had solidified our preferred wholesalers and the prices and quantities we would be purchasing our various products. Along with the commercial side of things, we had to secure the charity we were to donate 10% of our gross profits to. The charity chosen to participate with our donations prior to opening was the American Red Cross because they are a charity which helps people in need both domestically and abroad. The Red Cross is there for those who cannot afford food, healthcare, and other life essentials and so this is the reason we have chosen the charity as our organization of choice for our donations.

Opening. After initial planning and securing of valuable resources and charitable locations, the next step is to open up shop. In order to do this, a website had to be acquired and built, which is still currently in the making. Also, an online merchant services had to be acquired, which we turned to PayPal, a highly reputable and established company with massive online presence and only a 2% deduction of purchases for services. After this is completed, the next step is to make the first bulk purchase of Make a Change branded merchandise, which is the cornerstone of our product services. Finally, our marketing strategies are to be implemented after the initial purchase order is placed which will lead to the company beginning to pull in revenues from its online venue.

Looking Towards the Future. Planning ahead is an… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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