Make a Contract Thesis

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Construction Contract

The following agreement is entered into by Harry Holmes (hereinafter

"Homeowner") and Chris Conrad (hereinafter "Contractor") and constitutes the entire understanding between Homeowner and Contractor of the services provided by Contractor to remodel Homeowner's kitchen.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Thesis on Make a Contract Assignment

Homeowner will furnish $2,500 as a nonrefundable deposit on the date of this agreement representing one-half the total agreed amount of $5,000 for the complete project, the balance of which is payable on the date that the project is completed by Contractor. Contractor agrees to complete the project on or before June 1, 2009 and further represents that time is of the essence and that failure to complete the project on that date will entitle Homeowner to a negotiated refund of $100 per day up to the total amount of the project for any delay not caused by the Homeowner or by circumstances commonly referred to as "acts of God." Homeowner agrees to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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