Makeup Artistry Web Site Content Thesis

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Makeup Industry Website

Do you have what it takes to become a makeup artist? Do you have that extra something, that sense of style, that flair, the know-how that can make the ordinary look extraordinary and the extraordinary look out-of-this world? You may have the talent and drive, but to truly succeed in the business you also need the technical expertise. To fully realize your potential requires formal schooling and training in the latest products and techniques.

Learn from the best, to become the best. Our makeup school is located in the heart of the industry, on a studio lot where you can see such nationally-watched programs as "Beverley Hills 90210," "CSI Miami," "Boston Legal," and "Medium," filmed live -- while you go to school. Ours is one of only two makeup schools in all of Los Angeles located on an actual studio lot. While receiving instruction from industry experts in a working environment you can rub shoulders with the people who may be employing you when you are a working makeup artist -- or you may bump into one of the stars whose face you may be 'touching up' someday on a set.

No other school provides professional expertise in a hands-on, real-world setting where opportunities for networking abound. We offer instruction in makeup for print, television, film, and advertising, high-definition makeup education as well as fashion makeup application training for the runway, bridal shows, 'fantasy' airbrushing techniques, as well as hairstyling classes for the professional makeup artist.

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Because we are a hands-on program, we offer some of the lowest priced instruction, at the highest quality, with no hidden fees and no materials charges. To gain an immediate foothold in the industry as well as an education -- sign up today! Don't put your dreams on the shelf and stop making excuses -- the future is now!


Thesis on Makeup Artistry Web Site Content Assignment

All of our courses are hands-on. We believe in creating an atmosphere of serious fun, where people can let loose, be creative yet still learn the vital skills they need to succeed. We have a high standard of excellence but recognize that everyone learns at his or her own pace, and students come with many different backgrounds and future goals. All materials are provided and are of the highest industry standard. They are included in the class fee, unlike many other schools. We are always getting the newest products and letting you, our student, use those products, to improve your skills.


Professional Make-up: Learn the fundamentals of doing make-up for film, television, and print advertising. Take street make-up up a notch while still preserving the beauty and unique appearance of a model or actor -- or transform an actor's appearance with the power of makeup design.

Professional Fashion Makeup: How to showcase and improve a model's appearance through the art of makeup. It isn't as easy as it looks -- our instructors tell you how to transform a model's appearance in a matter of minutes, a necessary talent during a busy fashion show. No matter how beautiful the model may look, always remember that you need to know how to give that professional beauty 'help' in achieving a natural appearance.

Professional Airbrush Makeup: Learning the right skills of airbrushing foundation, eyes, cheeks, lips will put you on the cutting edge of the industry -- especially for individuals wishing to specialize in bridal shows and other events which demand a fantastic and compelling appearance for a special day.

Hair for the Makeup Artist: Essential training for artists with an interest in specializing in fashion shows, weddings, and television-everything from up-dos, to transforming straight hair into curls and smoothing curls straight, and how to change someone's appearance with simple yet effective techniques. Increase your versatility as an artist and expand your skills toolkit!

For those wishing to save money and begin intensive training as soon as possible, we offer our package deals:

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