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He said Dad can I get a gun rack for my gun. Hank says Bobby do you know how long I have waited for you to ask me the. Your truck is not complete until it has those lights on top and the gun rack with a few guns in it, and Louisiana has a gun law that you can carry your gun around with you. He goes to the store and what does he borrow? A catalog and what does mama say about this? Good for the outhouse. Generations of Americans went to the toilet with the catalog and not to just read it either, you had to use that paper, waste not want not. The catalog sure does beat those leaves. He doesn't get his gun that way how does he get his gun? He buys an old gun, one that he can afford, what good is it if it has to stay in your pocket? So what does he have to do with his new gun. Going out and shooting it, and what does he wind up doing? shooting Jenny, the mule, what does he do next? He plugs up the hole, maybe if I plug up the hole she won't bleed to death. This is so teenager. The mule is a goner, he just killed him a mule that happens a lot during hunting season. They are black. The owner of the mule says that too bad he needs to work it off and pay for the mule, he has other plans what does he do? Hops the train, he is going off to find his fortune. This is the great American adventure, Huck Finn, Ben Franklin, any number of others. Leaving home to go into the wilderness you'll either find great luck or great difficulty, or at least you'll be grown up, can he be a man if he is living under his father's roof? Not really his father and mother will be telling him what to do." ["The Man Who Was Almost A Man"]

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The theme of the book is about a young man's struggle to come out of boy hood and enter into manhood.

In reading the book, we learn that all the other characters in the story, such as, Dave's parents, Hawkins, and the field workers he works with don't seem to accept his sense of wanting manhood. The problem lies in the fact that he is almost a man, but because of his lack of social and economic standing in the society he doesn't feel like he is his age. ["The Man Who Was Almost A Man"]

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The story revolves around Dave's search for a gun as a symbol of power, maturity, and manhood but his new possession is quite ironic because in the end he loses his pride and freedom. ["The Man Who Was Almost A Man"]

Some of readers are of the opinion that the book presents us with a story that black people are stupid, deceitful, unkind, and violent and simply a threat to white people. "This man who was almost a man," ends with a conniving white man cheating Dave, who shuns the world with anger, a gun and a history of poor judgment. ["The Man Who Was Almost A Man"]

Dave also seems to be responsible for his shortcomings, but then his destiny is deeply shadowed by his poverty leaving him with no future. His desire to get a gun so he can be accepted as a man is ignorant, but he is left with no choice because the environment he has grown in does not allow him to earn the respect of others or develop confidence. This is why he's given no responsibility.

The whole concept of this story is that Dave doesn't want a gun; he simply wants to be treated like a man, which is quite natural for any boy undergoing this transition.


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