Man's View of a Wife Essay

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Today there are cultures that are holding to the belief of woman's role is in the house.

All this suffering of the house wife did not go well and feminists had to come up. They defended the women's rights. By the twentieth century, feminists came up demanding the change in oppressed women. They felt that women needed education. They also needed career to help in family financial issues. The feminists felt that the woman had the right to chose on family planning and not just giving birth. These women Liberation movements were successful especially in America where the first liberalization took place. Equal rights amendments came up and gave the woman a voice. She was not only allowed to vote, but she was also recognized as a citizen and a person.


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While a wife's role is to take care of the family home, she can only offer emotional security to the children and husband. However the husband is supposed to provide materialistic defense like bread and shelter. This has changed and the woman is still oppressed since she is offering both emotional and financial freedom to the family. Nevertheless, some men have taken their wives' role to stay at home and take care of the children. Globalization made the roles totally switch with women playing their husbands roles. The men proved they could not make it alone with some opting to be full time home cares other than working husbands. It is unfortunate because the law of nature still demands that the man should be the one providing food and shelter for the family. Changing roles has only elevated broken homes since when the woman plays head of the house, the man is intimidated and the marriage breaks up.

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Essay on Man's View of a Wife Assignment

This journal talks of how the women roles have changed mostly due to the men behavior. It compares different family decision matters under different conditions of female role perception. It compares the different modern and traditional family roles especially with age and income categories.

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The journal emphasizes on how men and women had a clear separation as working and non-working though this has radically changed in the last three decades. It explains the structural and spiritual differences in the world today mentioning single parenting, working couples, teen parenting among other fields that were rarely heard of in the 1800s.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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