Manage Administrative Assistant Position Term Paper

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Administrative Assistant: HR Documentation for Managing the Administrative Role

Manage Administrative Assistant position

This paper provides documentation describing four functions: job analysis, selection, orientation and training relative to the position of Management Administrative Assistant. This documentation aligns with the objectives and strategic aims of the company in an attempt to assist any incumbent in this job role in meeting corporate goals. The documentation begins with an overview of the job analysis process.

Description of Job Analysis

The purpose of a job analysis is to provide information and establish a documented set of rules, policies and procedures that relate to the training, compensation and selection of employees in a designated position (Job-Analysis, n.d.). This job analysis focuses on the position of a Management Administrative Assistant. The role of a managerial administrative assistant includes many tasks including but not limited to: coordinating office services including budget and personnel preparation, record keeping, management studies to improve workflow and reporting procedures within the company, assist with coordination and collection of reports including those related to termination and new hire records, compensation records and statistical records for the job (DOL, 2007). Some higher order managerial assistants may direct services or supervise and interview job applicants for less-skilled positions including clerical positions (Fine, 1999).

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Term Paper on Manage Administrative Assistant Position Assignment

When selection candidates for the position of managerial administrative assistant, or any position, it is important for organizational decision makers to work with human resources representatives to create a selection process enabling hiring managers to discover a good "fit" for a staffing vacancy (Ferris, Frink & Galang, 1993). To achieve this, managers must look at diverse groups of candidates without regards to minority status to provide all candidates an equal opportunity for job application and selection. Recruitment for the management administrative assistant position will include: (1) posting of an internal job posting made available to all internal candidates interested in the position for 30 days and (2) subsequent listing of the job vacancy and description with local newspapers and though the corporate website. Studies suggest greater diversity is achieved when managers first recruit trainable candidates within an organization but also when hiring managers actively seek job candidates from a wider pool of resources; the listing of the job vacancy on the corporate website would serve this important purpose (Ferris, Frink & Galang, 1993).

Questions to ask to facilitate the hiring process including: "What is the candidate's previous experience working in this capacity?" And "What other experience does the candidate have that may prove valuable to the organization's strategic objectives

Script for Orientation

In HR, we feel it is important to address some sensitive issues during your early employment with our company. The HR department handles discussions involving benefits, compensation and disciplinary issues because the department consists of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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