Managed Healthcare Approach Annotated Bibliography

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Managed Healthcare Approach

The value and benefit of managed healthcare today

The issues that plague managed healthcare today

Background of healthcare

Healthcare throughout history

The current state of healthcare

Definition of managed healthcare

What the dictionary says regarding managed healthcare

The different types of managed healthcare

Background of managed healthcare options

HMOs and PPOs

Other kinds of managed healthcare choices

Pros and cons of managed care

Pros of managed care

Cost benefits to people who need healthcare

Cost benefits to those who work at/operate hospitals and doctors' offices

Ensuring that more people have access to healthcare

Creating a more equal playing field for people who want and need healthcare

Avoiding so many bankruptcies do to healthcare costs without insurance

B. Cons of managed care

More doctors turning down particular healthcare plans

A lack of good doctors "in network" for people - especially in rural areas

3. A lack of networks in general for people in many areas of the country

4. Not everyone qualifies for managed care plans

5. Not everyone can afford a good managed care plan

III. The future of managed healthcare

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A. Where healthcare is right now

B. Where healthcare is going in the immediate future

C. Where healthcare is going in the longer-term future

What doctors can do to help managed care succeed

V. What patients can do to help managed care succeed

VI. What hospitals and other facilities can do to help managed care succeed

VII. Alternatives to managed care options

A. Ways for hospitals to better manage healthcare

Annotated Bibliography on Managed Healthcare Approach Assignment

B. Ways for doctors to better manage healthcare

C. Ways for patients to better manage healthcare

VIII. Conclusion

A. Restatement of thesis

B. Wrap-up of information on the background of managed healthcare

C. Wrap-up of information on present managed healthcare issues

D. Wrap-up of information on future managed healthcare issues

Annotated Bibliography

Asch, S.M., McGlynn, E.A., Hogan, M.M., et al. (2004). Comparison of quality of care for patients in the Veterans Health Administration and patients in a national sample. Annals of Internal Medicine, 141(12): 938-945.

This article takes a look at the health care differences between VA patients and patients with non-VA care. This is important to the managed care discussion because VA is much more of a managed care situation than most people deal with when they go to a doctor or hospital. That can allow for a good comparison between managed and non-managed care situations,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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