Management Analysis Words Unlimited Is an International Research Proposal

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Management Analysis

Words Unlimited is an international company that provides copywriting, editing, proofreading and translation services to clients across the globe. The company has experienced a recent spurt of growth in terms of both its customer base and its employee pool. Like customers, employees also operate from different locations across the world. The company started with only two management personnel, along with 10 employees. These persons were based in an office in Los Angeles, California at the time of the company's founding, and they still are.

Potential employees are allowed to send their resumes online. These are then scrutinized by the L.A. office employees, and are accepted or rejected on the basis of two levels of assessment: the education level as indicated on the resume, and a writing and reading test administered to short-listed candidates. The recent growth in customer numbers has necessitated more aggressive advertising for employment opportunities, and a large volume of applications has been received and processed.

Employees from remote locations have access to the company's Web site, where they are presented with an order database. Customers upload their orders via the Web site, and the employee taking the order then remains in constant contact with the customer to ensure that the work is progressing according to requirements and schedule.

With the larger employee base, conflict situations have come about, with some workers appearing to resent the new employees. They appear to feel that the new employees tend to be favored for certain orders, and that they no longer have the volume of work opportunities that they had before. Management in turn appear to feel that this is not the case, and that the growth of employee numbers was a necessary step in the company's evolution. Efforts to communicate about the issue has failed, simply resulting in greater levels of conflict. Indeed, the environment has become so hostile and blame-focused that many employees have simply resigned or stopped taking orders. This has resulted in escalating hostility between management and employees, with the former threatening termination of employee accounts if no further orders are taken. The conflict has resulted in a loss of business for the company and an atmosphere of debilitating negativity.

For this reason, investigations have been made by means of interviews, surveys, and literature reviews. In general, it is found that effective communication is the key towards resolving the company's conflicts.

Identifying the Problem

The key to any problem resolution is identifying the various levels of a problem specifically, so that each can be addressed effectively. In the case of Words Unlimited, the conflict situation began with the addition of new employees. When interviewing management, it was revealed that this was done without discussing the issue with other employees, even within the L.A. Office. The recruitment was simply decided upon by the two managers, and therefore came as a surprise to existing employees. The two managers believed that they were simply acting in response to a management situation, and that employees were only concerned with taking and completing orders. Management perceived that existing employees were struggling with the current volume of orders and therefore believed that they were being helpful. They believed that it was unnecessary to discuss this with employees, as new recruitment has never been discussed before.

From the point-of-view of employees, it is felt that management has made a decision directly affecting employees without discussing it with them first. The sudden and drastic change in employee numbers was considered sufficiently unusual to merit a greater volume of management communication than has been the case before in the company's history. Not issuing such communication has resulted in resentment and unhappiness.… [END OF PREVIEW]

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