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He needs to make it clear there are rewards for excellent performance and consequences for failing to deliver shipments on time. The ability to use short-term rewards and a long-term orientation of transformational leadership is critical for giving organizations a clear sense of mission (Mathis, Jackson, 2011). In conjunction with defining a performance program for drivers, he needs to define an overarching vision for the department and communicate how each person has a vital role to play in its fulfillment.

The third significant issue is the lack of role clarity and assignment. George needs to concentrate on defining how each role matters to the department and show employees what success in their roles look like. He also needs to set threshold levels of performance as well. In defining any new organizational structure, leaders must impart a strong sense of purpose while providing employees the opportunity to gain mastery and autonomy to accomplish their goals at the same time (Jaques, 2012).

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Fourth, George needs to re-define the main processes and procedures the department relies on to get its work completed, and re-integrate the department with the rest of the company at this level as well. The recent situation with Francine shows just how isolated the department has become. In this situation, he needs to drop it and move on to solving the more systemic problems with the department. The situation with Francine isn't the problem; the system that allowed it to happen in the first place is. This can be seen throughout the latter part of the case (Mathis, Jackson, 2011) as the systems for tracking employee performance don't exist.

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The specific action George needs to take is meet with his boss and get their support to re-architect the department. He needs to do this immediately, redefining its mission, setting department-wide objectives and then cascading these goals to each member of the department. He also needs to show that his manager supports him and the department, and immediately begin managing to performance metrics. These metrics of performance need to be posted in the break rooms, along the walls of the office, and online on the company intranet sites. He has to infuse a strong sense of purpose to turn the situation around, as today no one senses their jobs matter. He also needs to make it clear that every position so critical to the success of the department and performance will be evaluated monthly. Finally all of these aspects need to be tied together with a strong vision of the department being a place of achievement and not chaos.


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