Management Case Analysis: Pharma Case Study

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The United States government and pharmaceutical industry are key players in the control over Intellectual Property Rights, copyrights, distribution, and pricing of AIDS medications.

The WTO is another significant organization with influence regarding the duration and stipulations of patents and copyrights.

3. International management and business topics

Supply and demand

Non-profit organizations vs. Corporations

Collective action, activism, and government ordinance

4. There is a lot of demand for AIDS medicine therefore the cost of the supply can fluctuate based on the industry's long-term goals and objectives. NPOs and corporations have been at times, at odds and at times, collaborative with respect to combating AIDS. Citizens, NPOs, and governments have all make substantial efforts to resolve the AIDS problem.

5. Pharmaceuticals do not necessarily have a responsibility to make drugs low cost in developing countries. It certainly would make sense and be humane to do so, but they do not have some kind of responsibility. Make the drugs low cost and available gives companies more opportunities for more revenue and revenue for longer. The drugs do not necessary have to be free, but affordable relative to the location and the population in need. Periodic donations are another possible alternative. It is not likely these companies will ever make the drugs entirely free in a place or in the world. Capitalism is far too widespread for that to occur.


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Shah, Anup. "Pharmaceutical Companies and AIDS." Global Issues: Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues That Affect Us All, Web, Available from: 2013 February 18.

Case Study on Management Case Analysis: Pharma, Intellectual Assignment

UNAIDS. "2002 Report on the Global HIV…
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