Management Challenges Cultural Diversity Term Paper

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Management Challenges Cultural Diversity

Throughout time, management has always been a top priority when it comes to business. There is however, questions that always seem to come to mind. What are the differences in management levels as well as how do they compare? What challenges are there in management, and how do they affect things like information, interpersonal and decision-making roles?

Dhar & Mishra, (2001) conducted a study on management styles, characteristics, as well the level of effectiveness. In this study they reported that the key challenge is not how to control people to run the organization, rather it is to attract, develop and retain the best talent and to link, defuse and leverage their knowledge, skills, and initiatives to create innovation and new opportunities.

Leadership has become a critical component to the organization. Dhar and Misha (2001) reported that studies they reviewed on chief executives showed that the executives could often do a change in strategy and still be rather effective, however change on the part of the chief executive only accounted for 45% of the organizations performance as a whole.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Management Challenges Cultural Diversity Assignment

Dhar & Mishra (2001) stated that there are many different definitions of leadership. Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence a group towards organizational goals. The most commonly used measure of leader effectiveness is the extent to which the leader's organizational unit performs… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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