Management Challenges the Role of Managers Term Paper

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Management Challenges

The role of managers in implementing management changes for the 21st century

The dynamic nature of management in the twenty-first century developed with the emergence of new technologies and innovations, which has radically changed the kind of management and leadership prevalently used at present. Literature on management changes for the 21st century emphasized on the importance of managers in the organization, centering its role as the mediator between organizational members and management. Indeed, researches and studies on the subject have found that managers play an integral role in facing the challenges and implementing the changes that occur in the midst of an information-oriented and technology-driven society.

In this paper, a discussion of extant literature concerning the important role of managers and the challenges they face at present are analyzed in the organizational management paradigm. This paper posits that extant literature on management stresses the importance of managers in acting as mediators and implementers of change in the organizational setting, particularly in 'bridging' the communication and social interaction between the management and the organization's members in light of a new organizational change or innovation.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Management Challenges the Role of Managers in Assignment

Both qualitative and quantitative studies in management have demonstrated the significance of managers in introducing and implementing changes within the organization. Perry (2004), in his quantitative and comparative study about the level of employee trust between managers of private and public sector organization verifies one of the most important theories in management, which posits that leaders and managers who are most accessible and closer in relation to employees or organization members tend to be more trusting. This is also reflected by the fact that managers who assume higher positions in the organization, thereby creating greater distance between themselves and the members or employees, have relatively lower levels of employee trust as compared to those who interact with the employees constantly. Exemplified in Perry's study is the example of the municipal fire department's case, wherein they have high levels of trust for their CEO despite his being a high-ranking officer. However, the reason for this high level of trust, the author explicates, is because of the constant interaction and communication of the fire department's CEO with the department's members, most especially the firefighters.

A similar thrust is expressed in another study, which used the qualitative paradigm to illustrate how, in the present time, middle managers have assumed the role as "change agents" apart from being mediators and implementers of innovation in the organization (Balogun, 2004). Emphasis on the role of middle managers is given in the study because they are in an especially strategic position to act as a mediator for the organization's management and members. The middle manager's access to both high- and low- positioned members of the organization makes him an effective medium through which communication and interaction is accomplished… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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