Management Concepts in Hospitals Assess the Various Case Study

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Management Concepts in Hospitals

Assess the various management levels and their role in your chosen hospital

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The various management levels and their role at Via Christi is worth noting. At Via Christi St. Francis, Via Christi St. Joseph and Via Christi Rehabilitation Center all of them have a Chief Operating Officer (CEO) to run the facility. He or she has a Chief Operating Officer (COO) that reports to the CEO. This individual has the opportunity to make sure that daily operations run smoothly, such as Cardiovascular, Occupational Health, Wellness and so forth (Via Christi, 2011). A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is at every site for this hospital. They strive to ensure that the entire math is done correctly without the organization facing fines or legal issues. Human Resources are another area that has recruiters and those that help with training new employees. The organization has an Appeals Specialist for anyone trying to pay off their medical bills as well as a collector whom is attempting to get the funds from patients. A medical auditor makes sure that the business is in compliance with the law as well as to make sure that the numbers are accurate before taxes are sent in to the federal and state government. Management has a Decision Support Coordinator who provides statistical data. A Director of Neonatal ICU, Cardiovascular is present. These individuals provide direction in who they want that unit to work as well as set the example for employees in that area. The same applies to those who are Managers of the Medical Equipment, Support Services and Ultrasound. Within the Quality Risk Management, a position worth noting is the Survey and Response Coordinator. This person coordinates all the necessary activities for surveys, and for all of them to get submitted in a timely manner as well as develops action plans and ways to fix deficiencies to outside agencies.

Case Study on Management Concepts in Hospitals Assess the Various Assignment

Describe and explain the external and internal environment of the facility

The external environment of the hospital is quite important. Employees have the opportunity to park in certain areas with a permit. One is allowed to report any suspicious activity to the security personnel who are on duty for that day. A person is suggested to park in areas that are lit well, with other people and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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