Management of Human Resources Research Paper

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In some corporate circles diversity is seen as a matter of survival. Major corporations such as IBM, Exxon, and Levi Strauss plus some federal, state and local government agencies are committed to diversity because they cannot effectively do business in certain parts of this country or the rest of the world without it (Matthews, 1998)."

To use diversity effectively in human resource management the ideas, skills and creativity of different populations much be encouraged and utilized.

The underlying goal of managing diverse work populations is to locate and harness each person's best work qualities and use them to better the entire company effort.

To meet this goal diversity needs to be considered by organizations during their workforce planning stages.

When including diversity management as part of the workforce plan it should be recognized that there are no quick fix solutions to the diversity and human resource issues that arise in the normal course of work. Loss of motivation and low productivity are the unanticipated consequences of using quick fix solutions and are costly to organizations (Matthews, 1998). "

Human resource managers have a duty to place diverse populations in the workforce in a manner that will benefit the workers and the company (Dass, 1999). This can be done by careful recruitment and selection of different population members for various levels of management and employment within the organizational structure.

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Human resource management teams are often asked if affirmative action provides a handicap to white male applicants. The answer is no. A recent government report indicated that one in three American workers are not of Caucasian roots which provides a solid argument for the importance and success of diversity planning in management.

Diversity management is the ability to manage diverse groups.

Research Paper on Management of Human Resources and Assignment

Diversity orientation represents an integration of human resource policies and practices that combine into a "bundle" that directs the organization towards diversity and diversity management (Johnson, 2001). This bundle will include promoting diversity through training and development, work design, staffing, and compensation programs (Johnson, 2001). Simply one or two activities in support of diversity fails to constitute a diversity orientation (Johnson, 2001). Rather, these activities must work together and reinforce one another. Further, a diversity orientation means that other policy-related decisions consider diversity implications in the decision process (Johnson, 2001)."


Management of a diverse workforce has been something that human resource personnel have embraced for years. Whether it is handled with monthly company wide diversity embracement luncheons, seminars about embracing diversity or simply a planning of teams that will incorporate many different cultures that work toward the same company goal, managing a diverse workforce is essential in today's business world.

Planning for diversity within the human resources management practices creates a long-term support for what is essentially a positive step toward globalization. The incorporation of many different cultures and traditions on work projects can only serve to better the underlying company goal which in turn provides a most profitable and pleasant workplace for the diverse populations to work.

Human resource managers can manage such populations by maintaining a positive program for diversity within their organization and addressing any problems quickly and efficiently using education and training to create a positive atmosphere.


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