Management Info Systems Thesis

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Management Information Systems

Managing Information Systems: Data Security and Procurement Updates

The areas of data security and procurement in Management Information Systems (MIS) are both in the middle of major transitions, driven by the advances in Web 2.0 technology (Snow, 34, 35) that is leading to the widespread adoption of Extensible Markup Language (XML) as a communication, connectivity and integration standard in addition to the growth of social networking-based technologies (Bernoff, Li, Data security platforms and protocols have now integrated XML into Internet Protocol (IP)-based design and execution of entire mobile networks (Kangasharju, Lindholm, Tarkoma, 15, 16) and Web Services to (Lim, Wen, 39, 40). Procurement, one of the key process areas of supply chain management (Puschmann, Alt, 124, 125) continues to see significant gains from automation through MIS. Collaboration between suppliers and buying departments and divisions of companies require a high level of synchronization of tasks, which is the catalyst of how MIS systems and processes are automating procurement (Ordanini, Rubera, 27). The intent of this paper is to provide examples of how MIS is influencing the rapidly changing nature of data security and procurement, specifically focusing on how the highly collaborative technologies in Web 2.0 are making an impact in these areas.

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TOPIC: Thesis on Management Info Systems Assignment

Within the last decade, data security at the enterprise level has shifted away from purely being focused on the centralized data center, and today is more oriented towards the mobile worker, who often uses Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and secured Web Services (Kangasharju, Lindholm, Tarkoma, 2). In conjunction with this shift away from data security being purely focused on the data center to a more mobile employee population, the Internet has nurtured the development of entirely new communications architectures available. One of the more prevalently adopted approaches to communication is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), often with data streams also included. The use of merged VoIP networks is forcing an entirely new level of security into enterprise strategies to ensure both voice and data traffic, and data assets are kept safe over time (Palmieri, Fiore, 433). In conjunction with this development is the en masse adoption of secured Web Services used for completing transactions, querying customer databases, and completing online procurement transactions as well (Hondo, Nagaratnam, Nadalin, 229, 230). Across the entire value chain of companies, from the coordination via secured XML link to suppliers, through the routing of orders and their logistics tracking using secured Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) (Ozdemir, Xiao, 2022), MIS-based improvements to security are redefining the process workflows companies rely on for sourcing, manufacturing and selling products. Even in the midst of a recession, spending continues on security due to the continual rise in the numbers and sophistication of threats, and the potential risk of loss.

In procurement, the use of MIS systems and processes is being used to create greater levels of collaboration among and between suppliers, between suppliers and manufacturers, in addition to contributing to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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