Management Information Systems as it Applies to Public Administration Article Review

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Management information System is described as an information system which ensures a consistent provision of reports that are used in managerial monitoring and control of resources, functions, or other responsibility regarding an organization. Information that are provided by management information system are used in managing a sector or firm effectively and efficient. Contrary to other information systems, management information systems analyze and facilitate strategic and operation activities.

Management Information Systems assist the personnel to effectively plan, design, manage, as well as use information systems resources in supporting information needs of an organization. However, professional and managers within every organization should be equipped with basic understanding concerning the roles and nature of information technologies that are essential to the running of the organization effectively. Moreover, they should be equipped with computer application basic knowledge and appreciations that are of significance to proper functioning of organization as well as web application, databases, and web application.

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Accessing data and the capacity to organize, process, as well as manipulate it, assist in creating the type of information that is important to complete a productive work. These organizations rely on information that they use in supporting their management, operation, and staff. Employee and supervisors as well depend substantially on information in terms of performing their work and carrying out planning and monitoring organizational tasks and services for which they perform. The requirement is to transmit information to others in the organization, to clients, to the public and to other organizations.

Article Review on Management Information Systems as it Applies to Public Administration Assignment

Success of an organization will always depend on customers and clients receiving accurate information. In the government, nonprofit, health care, as well as other sectors, the complexity in terms of relation among departments, levels, and units, makes information storage, retrieval, and transmission to be critical factors in achieving a desired productivity. Therefore, information definitely forms the fundamental organizational resource. These resources management tend to be an essential managerial function. Other critical managerial functions are in planning, designing, and supporting the needed systems in delivering information to organizational stakeholders in a timely manner.

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