Essay: Management Information Systems MIS

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Management information systems (MIS)

Organization culture in developing new management information system in an organization

The organization culture can be referred to as the personality of an organization .It is comprised of the assumptions, norms, values and artifacts of the members of an organization and their behaviors. Culture of an organization is likely to be realized by the furniture arrangements in an organization, the type of wears that are used by the members in an organization and the information system that is upheld in the organization. Corporate culture can be considered as a system. The input of the culture is based on professionals, and values on the competition of services. Culture also implicates to technologies, products, strategies and services.

Information technology has been the new source of wealth in the current trends in most of the organizations with the installation of new information system in most of the organizations; they have successfully enjoyed the competitive advantage which others have not.

With increase in the importance of economics and upcoming of new firms there is the need of having a relationship between the capability of Information technology in an organization and the organization culture and also the performance of an organization is proposed based on the global firms (Zhang, Man; Tansuhaj, Patriya 2007).

Due to economic liberty in most of the countries, most of the organization shave changed their organization cultures based on the new policies, and competition, the change in the information technology as it is adopted by most of the organizations has prompted efficiency and good managerial system. Moreover cultural issues in an organization such as resistance to change to the information technology adoption has been greatly embraced by the employee unions hence a challenge to the top managers in the acquisition of new information technology systems in the organization (Tarafdar, Monideepa; Vaidya, Sanjiv, 2007)

The roles and importance of management information system security when an organization considers use of new technology

Management Information system can be defined as a system or process which provides the information necessary to manage an organization effectively. To design the security system the security manager will gather technical information about the organization strategy and on the effectiveness of different forms of security measures.

An organization can decide to use various forms of security systems in order to help them in securing their information, some of the role and importance of information system security are; information security system controls the profitability of an organization through minimizing both the indirect and indirect costs e.g. time spent in search for data loose, expense incurred when recovering security data systems, damage of organizational reputation leading to loose of customers and devaluation of the brand.

A comprehensive and reliable information security systems controls the reduction in the overall risk profile, a well developed information security system, develops management confidence and trust enabling the organization to continue with the business opportunities e.g. e-commercee which may be considered to be risky.

Some of the information that employees come across daily may be sensitive to the working environment hence the need for security system installation is there in order to protect sensitive information from the staffs.

The effectiveness of an organization is dependent upon the delivery of good information technology services i.e. The information system must have security system to prevent theft of organization information hence lack of balance between the organization assets and liabilities leading to the organizational failure.

In marketing the computerized order processing systems tends to capture sales orders and processes the order for further actions. There is a daily report delivered on processed orders hence the security system helps in general control of order processing. The information security system helps the manager to identify the organizational current security system state… [END OF PREVIEW]

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