Management it Management Information Systems in Automobile Term Paper

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Management It

Management information systems in automobile companies

The contemporary miracles of the technological world may prove extremely useful when it comes to management information systems. These combine people, technology, and procedures for resolving business problems in a timely way ( instance, if we take the case of an automobile company, a MIS may provide several advantages in terms of customer satisfaction and costs.

First of all, such a system offers a clear picture of the spare parts in each branch which are needed for customer service. Additionally, a bar code system can be used for monitorizing each car sold, thus improving the quality of the maintenance service.

Secondly, MIS are able to reduce costs because they process transactions very fast and offer reports at the moment when these are needed for taking operative decisions. Consequently, a MIS saves time and time is money.

Thirdly, the system offers a "just-in-time" depiction of stock position and movements. Therefore, the company neither runs out of stock, nor it has a high overall stock. This perfect balance is another item which results in lower costs.

Additionally, managers have access to a common information platform in which data produced by the organization's different departments are reunited under a coherent form. This is why a company's top level is more entitled to take strategic decisions.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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