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Coca cola's one liter bottle contains ninety percent of water (Coca Cola 2008/2009, Sustainability Review). Other than the water that is used in the beverages, the waste that is created in the process of manufacturing is also used for growth of raw materials of agriculture like corn, and sugar which also contribute in Coca Cola's water footprint. Along with Nature Conservancy, an environmental group, Coca Cola administered a pilot study in which Coca Cola's water footprint on 1/2 liter bottle was examined in Netherlands. This assessment put forward the company's value chain regarding direct and indirect water usage like in ingredients and packaging. The results of the study declared that 1/2 liter of Coca Cola's bottle has a fixed footprint of water of around thirty five liters and sugar which is an agricultural ingredient to be eighty percent of twenty eight liters (Coca-Cola Product, 2010).

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Thus, this tool also involves procedures that are documented in order to manufacture the practice required to complete every work. However, it is important to have a documentation which is easy to change so that the waste is eliminated by applying the best works so that a baseline would be formed for improvement of future performances (Lean Production, 2013). The company of Coca Cola is one of the top buyers of coffee, citrus tea and sugar (Coca Cola corporate website, 2010). For example, for the production of one teaspoon of sugar, around one gallon of water is used, which means that ten gallons of water is solely used for production of sweeteners and it is also clear that every 1/2 liter of bottle has virtual water in it. The findings of the pilot study also states that by increasing the productivity of agriculture, the water footprint of the company could be reduced heavily.

Lean Tools: Value Stream Mapping

Term Paper on Management of Operations Assignment

Value stream mapping is the tool used for visuals that show the production flow. It also shows the present and future processes which helps in highlighting the room for improvement. With the help of visual maps, the wastes are exposed before time which helps the company for improving any process that requires improvement (Lean Production, 2013). Value stream mapping is carried out by the Coca Cola company because it has fixed sustainability to be their culture due to which annual audits are conducted of their partners in bottling to see whether the plants are up-to-date with the goals of the company or not. The reputation and future of the company not only depends upon it being a better corporate company or working to help different communities, but it also depends on the availability of water supplies in the future in order to produce their product. Around seventy percent of the beverages of Coca Cola are sold in countries outside of North America and the population growth in the world is expected to rise in India, Brazil and China where there is deficiency of water, it is highly essential for the company to work with communities and governments to make sure that the resource of water are available to people in different areas (Coca Cola 2008/2009 Sustainability Review). Coca cola has taken a strong position in managing the needs of water in the future and has partnered with WWF in the Water Protection Plans regarding the plants of bottling by 2013 to make sure that their sources of water are fit for future use. Around three hundred billion liters of water was used in 2009 by the company (Coca Cola 2008/2009 Sustainability Review). Regarding the company's targets of water sustainability, it focuses on growth of revenue which also means that the use of water by the company will increase with time.


Coca Cola's case of sustainability goals is very clear and it can be clearly seen that these strategies will be a part of many companies in the future because of the scarcity of water. As it is argued that water is the right of humans as well as a commodity that is used to earn profit by selling, a solution that comes up for reducing corruption is that the rights should be shared in both communities which include the government as well as the businesses. The present private giants of the company like Suez are managing the supply of water and can cause the prices to go much higher with the decrease of water in different parts of the world especially in India and China. Agriculture is set to be an important part of the solution in managing the crisis of water. The company of Coca Cola should also focus of managing agriculture and develop different programs for the suppliers for their sustainment. They should work in promoting different farming technologies and train the farmers according to them. Furthermore, the water crisis has to be solved with clear collaboration of communities, NGOs, governments and businesses while the company should continue to play its role and set an example for other companies as well.


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