Research Proposal: Management and Organization Theory

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Management and Organization Theory

Clipper WindPower SWOT


Growing concern about global warming is making organizations and individuals more aware of the need to find alternative sources of energy. "Wind turbines don't produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gasses" ("Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy," Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program, 2008).

Clipper WindPower received an Outstanding Research and Development Partnership Award from the U.S. Department of Energy for the design and development of its 2.5 MW Liberty Wind Turbine (Selko 2008).


Unfamiliarity of the benefits and possibilities of wind technology amongst the general public and business community.

Shrinking U.S. economy may make companies less inclined to invest in new technology: "even though the cost of wind power has decreased dramatically in the past ten years, the technology requires a higher initial investment than fossil-fueled generators" ("Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy," Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program, 2008).

Concerns about sound of wind power and lack of applicability to diverse locations (Barron 2008).

Limited applicability on a wide scale to residences might make the public less interested in this source of energy


Global outreach -- Clipper currently has a number of offices in the U.S. (California, Colorado, Iowa and Maryland), but is also based in Mexico, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Other nations may be more receptive to wind energy if they have shown themselves to be more concerned about global warming than the U.S.


Solar power generated by solar panels, other renewable resources may compete with Clipper.

Off-shore drilling may offset concern about energy crisis.


Clipper WindPower is uniquely poised to capitalize upon the new interest in non-fossil fuels as renewable sources of energy. The rising price of gas, the political instability in the Middle East, and concerns about global warming have conspired to make environmentally-friendly policies popular for economic, political, and ethical reasons all over the world. Marketing Clipper WindPower not simply as a company, but as a company that provides services necessary to the sustainability of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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