Management and Organizational Behavior Research Paper

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Management & Organizational Behavior

Management and Organizational Behavior

Using the Management Skill Set Assessment by Alan Chapman an analysis has been completed comparing my self-assessment to my immediate manager's perception of my performance on the 22 factors that comprise this framework. 13 of the factors were classified as a level factors, seven as B. factors and 2 as C. factors. Across the entire set of 22 factors, the average score of the rankings I gave myself was 8.36 and my supervisor's was 6.86. This difference of approximately 1.5 points across all factors held consistent across all three categories of factors (a, B and C). The greatest variation however was in the C. class of factors with a deviation of 2 in the average scores (8.75 versus 6.75). What is most interesting is the alignment of factors into the a, B and C. sectors of the analysis. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the totality of these rankings to determine what lessons can be learned for continual improvement.

Analysis of a-Level Factors

There are four skills in the a level of factors that exhibited the greatest variation between my own assessments vs. that of my manager. They are shown below in the red zone of the graphic titled Figure 1, a-Level Factors Analysis.

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Research Paper on Management & Organizational Behavior Management and Organizational Assignment

The yellow section of Figure 1: A-Level Factors Analysis shows that group of five factors where the difference is attributable by up to two differences in ratings, and the green section are the a-level factors my manager and I are in agreement on. This is a useful approach to analyzing the data as it provides insights into how much my manager sees me needing to improve on taking initiative to motivate others while also gaining greater leadership. As our company is heavily focused on quality management standards, there is also the critical need to provide leadership on these standards while also providing motivation to team members to stay focused on quality management and compliance. My manager also believes I need to also take a more active role in innovation and problem solving, and he would like to see me do this by engaging with other team members more often. When I asked my manager about these 13 factors and his rankings, he mentioned that my performance of the core functions of management continue to be excellent. These include planning, organizing, leading and controlling including the managing of our team's time. He also has said I excel at training and development, including effectively using it, and managing relationships with peers. From the foundation of the basics of management (planning, leading, organizing and controlling),… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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