Management: Organizational Change Essay

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Finally, the manager has to maintain constant communication with his/her employees throughout the change process so as to reduce the extent of employees' resistance to change. he/she needs to communicate with their employees on, among other things, why the change is necessary, and how they (employees) and the greater organization stand to benefit from the same (Hornstein, 2008). Human beings are naturally resistant to change, and processes of change are likely to bring about feelings of uncertainty, fear, and insecurity amongst employees. The manager has to use communication to calm their employees down. They particularly need to pay attention to upward communication because then, they will be able to respond to the questions, concerns, and suggestions posed by employees - thereby minimizing the risk of resistance.

A Situation where Clinicians and Coders are Unable to Enter the Proper Codes Following a Software Change Process

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This could be an indication of inadequate training on the part of clinicians and coders. The manager needs to identify the actual training needs and determine who exactly needs training -- there is the likelihood that only the coding part of training may have been done inadequately; and further, that not all clinicians and coders may be having problems with the same. Once this need has been identified, the manager tries to identify the possible causes of the same. he/she then formulates the specific objectives he/she intends the additional training to achieve, based on the identified need; and develops a training program for addressing the specific needs. In-house training, where everyone learns at their own pace, would, for instance, be appropriate if it is established that the initial training may have been inadequate as a result of the trainer not taking into account the learning differences of employees (Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment -- New Zealand, 2014).


Essay on Management: Organizational Change Management Assignment

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