Management Organizational Structure Essay

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This form of organizational structure can be observed in various departmentalization discussed in this paper. Brews and Tucci (2004) explains that the strategic business units can be created basing on geographical lines or product lines. In the figure 4, the strategic business unit is based on geographical area.


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Organizational structure as explained by Brews and Tucci (2004) is the way the organization is organized according to leadership of the organization. There are several factors that determine the structure of the organization; they include size, industry and objective of the organization. Accordingly, there are several organizational structures that can be formed. They include divisional organizational structure, which have several departmentalizations, which allows the organization to be divided in small management units depending on their functions which operates with some autonomy. Another structure is the matrix management structure; this kind of organization structure provides a matrix approach where t each manager or head of a branch are allocated wide portfolio of management. The staff of the organization is spread across to the whole organization to offer services in the various departments of the organization and functioning areas. Lastly we have strategic business structure. Organizational structure affects many aspects within the organization and if the structure is not well defined, it could result in the collapse of an organization because a poor organization structure fails to reflect the goals and objectives of that organization.


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TOPIC: Essay on Management Organizational Structure Organizational Structure Assignment

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